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안나라수마나라 27 (Annarasumanara #27) There Are Rumors Going Around Town They Say That If You Go To The Old Carnival, You D See A Dashing Young Man Wearing A Magician S Hat A Man Who Has The Power To Make People Disappear From The Face Of The Earth But Before He Does Any Magic, He Will Look You In The Eye, Stare At Your Soul With His Grey Eyes And Ask, Do You Believe In Magic Yoon Ai, A Smart Girl In Her Class, Struggles To Feed Herself And Her Sister Everyday All She Wants Is To Grow Up Faster So She Can Escape Poverty And The Reality Of Her Miserable Life When She Meets The Rud Magician In The Abandoned Carnival, Her Life Changes Forever. I read this as a webtoon, and I have to tell this here and now, webtoons have such strong themes sometimes that I genuinely wonder what the authors are going through while creating them This is one of those Alienation Being the odd one Stress Mental problems Social pressure Parents who want their children to be a respo Where did R go Im happy with the ending even though the mother and R werent exposed any Just sad coz it left me hanging ther trying to imagine what happened after Do you believe in magic Coz I do Life is full of wonders Life is magical.

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