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17 Christmases I received this as a first reads book What was fun was I received it on the day after Thanksgiving What a fun time to read it I liked how it showed how different areas and climates might celebrate Christmas Howeve This is an illustrated children s book about Christmas, and the difficulties surroundings an extended family The story centers on a family taking the month of December to visit and celebrate Christmas with many relatives in 17 different locations in the United States The story shows the different climate and celebrations in these cities The illustrations are rich in primary colors, but the majority of the scenes show nighttime, almost like the whole story is happening as a dream The language vocabulary of the story seems too advanced for younger children Children and even adults may have trouble with words such as miraculous, possibly, and translations I Thank God For Jesus And Family Galore, For Seventeen Christmases Never A Chore Christmas Is Full Of Adventure When The Family Decides To Go On A Holiday Road Trip They Start In California And Travel To North Carolina And Then To Colorado And That S Only The Beginning New Sights And Ways To Celebrate The Birth Of Jesus Abound All This Plus The Special Visits With Family And Friends Turn The Holidays Into Seventeen Wonderful Christmases. I am so excited I just found out I won this book through the Good Reads Giveaway and so did myDaughter in Seattle We can t be together for Christmas so it ll be fun to read this together andcompare notes Was on my wishlist Thankyou April Struck When I signed up for this book I didn t realize it was going to be a Children s Book I place the age to be for kids from 2 years old tosix years old Very well illustrated with bright,colorful pictures A nice story for parents to read to their kids Just don t feel it goes into enough detail of their loved one s Christmas journey or visits with relatives around the country Feel the trip or story itself could be made exciting of a journey for the family Although it has a nice map of our country and teaches a nice ge Do you have a big family and each Christmas decide which part you ll go see Well this kiddo has quite the Christmas vacation, 17 Christmases To family and friends, aunt and uncles, grandparents and great grandparents all over the states this family goes Celebrating in different manners with both warm weather and cool as well as out right cold this family experie SynopsisI thank God for Jesus and family galore, For seventeen Christmases never a chore Christmas is full of adventure when the family decides to go on a holiday road trip They start in California and travel to North Carolina and then to Colorado And that s only the beginning New sights and ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus abound All this plus the special visits with family and friends turn the holidays into seventeen wonderful Christmases My Review This was a fun book, especially considering we also have family all over the country Munchkin enjoyed the different states and discussing how family lives in some of them It does give the rather outrageous expectation that anyone could take enough time off This book is a perfect edition to your Christmas traditions It not only lets little kids and big kids know that christmas is about spending time with loved ones but it also shows that there are different ways to celebrate Christmas For example, my daughter was surprised when the kids got to go swimming in the warmer climates So not only I won 17 Christmases from Goodreads I read it to a friends child We both loved the book The premise of having 17 Christmases was fun as well as a means of teaching Each state that was visited showed how different Christmas may be celebrated It is a great book for children to learn while having fun. This is a very cute, colorful, Christmas book that follows one family on a trip to different locations to visit different family members Children of all ages will delight in the full page artwork and cute story tha What a great children s book that shows the joys and happiness of the Christmas season with family and friends This book did a wonderful job in keeping the real reason for the Christmas season at the forefront of the family s trip all over the United States The illustrations are well done and the rhyming is catchy I like the fact that this book shows how many different Christmases can be celebrated based on location and or climate in the United States, but that the reason for Christmas is same in celebrating the birth of Jesus The true response and rating of this book is when I read it with my four kids ranging from ages 4 through 10 and they wanted to read it again right after we had finished it the first time This will be a great book that we can pull out every Christmas and read again and again.Won this book through Goodreads First Reads program

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A professional writer for over 20 years, Dandi Daley Mackall has written dozens of articles for popular magazines and published around 500 books for children and adults alike, with sales of over 4 million A frequent guest on radio and television talk shows, she lives in rural Ohio with her husband, three children, horses, dogs, cats Awards include the Edgar Award for Best YA Mystery, the H

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