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About the Author: Jasper Fforde

Fforde began his career in the film industry, and for nineteen years held a variety of posts on such movies as Goldeneye, The Mask of Zorro and Entrapment Secretly harbouring a desire to tell his own stories rather than help other people tell their s, Jasper started writing in 1988, and spent eleven years secretly writing novel after novel as he strove to find a style of his own that was a no mans land somewhere between the warring factions of Literary and Absurd.After receiving 76 rejection letters from publishers, Jasper s first novel The Eyre Affair was taken on by Hodder Stoughton and published in July 2001 Set in 1985 in a world that is similar to our own, but with a few crucial and bizarre differences Wales is a socialist republic, the Crimean War is still ongoing and the most popular pets are home cloned dodos , The Eyre Affair introduces literary detective named Thursday Next Thursday s job includes spotting forgeries of Shakespeare s lost plays, mending holes in narrative plot lines, and rescuing characters who have been kidnapped from literary masterpieces.Luckily for Jasper, the novel garnered dozens of effusive reviews, and received high praise from the press, from booksellers and readers throughout the UK In the US The Eyre Affair was also an instant hit, entering the New York Times Bestseller List in its first week of publication Since then, Jasper has added another six to the Thursday Next series and has also begun a second series that he calls Nursery Crime , featuring Jack Spratt of The Nursery Crime Division In the first book, The Big Over Easy , Humpty Dumpty is the victim in a whodunnit, and in the second, The Fourth Bear , the Three Bear s connection to Goldilocks disappearance can finally be revealed In January 2010 Fforde published Shades of Grey , in which a fragmented society struggle to survive in a colour obsessed post apocalyptic landscape His latest series is for Young Adults and include The Last Dragonslayer 2010 , Song of the Quarkbeast 2011 and The Eye of Zoltar 2013 All the books centre around Jennifer Strange, who manages a company of magicians named Kazam , and her attempts to keep the noble arts from the clutches of big business and property tycoons.Jasper s 14th Book, Early Riser , a thriller set in a world in which humans have always hibernated, is due out in the UK in August 2018, and in the US in 2019.Fforde failed his Welsh Nationality Test by erroneously identifying Gavin Henson as a TV chef, but continues to live and work in his adopted nation despite this setback He has a Welsh wife, two welsh daughters and a welsh dog, who is mad but not because he s Welsh He has a passion for movies, photographs, and aviation Jasper, not the dog Series Thursday Next Nursery Crime Shades of Grey

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    PLEASE, for the love of all that is good, write ffaster, Mr Fforde I cannot wait

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    This book isn t even supposed to be published for a coupleyears they are teasing me by even having it on Good Reads Hurry up Jasper Fforde, write faster

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    UPDATE 12 17 18 From Jasper Fforde s Twitter, 11 09 2018 The next book will not be a Next book The one after the next book is DS4, and the next after that will be SoG2 Then there will be the next Next The next book is a standalone about rabbits I hope that s clear In case it s not, 1 Meet The Rabbits 2 Dragonslayer 43 Shades of Grey 2 4 Thursday NextIf you live in the UK, Fforde s standalone novel, Early Riser, is available now Those of us in the

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    Hidden Rule codebook B The muse is an animal that must not be cheviedYes, I want to read it, to know the full truth, and yes, I am ready to do my obligation and wait for as long as it takes Jasper to finish it The first one is so simply amazingly brilliant that I keep my fingers crossed that the whole saga is somewhere in his head and he takes all the time that is needed to write it down in the quality we love.

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    There is currently nothing in the world that I wantthan this book.Seriously And I really don t care how crazy that sounds There is currently nothing in the world that I wantthan this book.Seriously And I really don t care how crazy that sounds

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    April 18, 2018 So I finished Shades of Grey last night, which means that I have now read every book that Fforde currently has published And while I absolutely love the Thursday Next series and the Chronicles of Kazam, it s the Shades of Grey series that I desperately want him to finish first becauseOctober 1, 2019 Still waiting April 18, 2018 So I finished Shades of Grey last night, which means that I have now read every book that Fforde currently has published And whil

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    After taking a while to get my head around the complex and intriguing universe these books are set in, I m hooked.Jumped on to buy the next book and it s not even written yet It s like Game of Thrones all over againMust research better next time.

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    I am a huge fan of Jasper Fforde I love his style of writing and can t wait for the next book The first, I couldn t put down and was a little disappointed when I found that I will have to wait years for the next installment.

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    Hmmm so hopefully 2019 Huzzah.

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    This has to be my most anticipated book of the decade

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