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A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, #19) Inspector Lynley Investigates The London End Of An Ever Darkly Disturbing Case, With Barbara Havers And Winston Nkata Looking Behind The Peaceful Fa Ade Of Country Life To Discover A Twisted World Of Desire And Deceit.The Suicide Of William Goldacre Is Devastating To Those Left Behind But What Was The Cause Of His Tragedy And How Far Might The Consequences Reach Is There A Link Between The Young Man S Leap From A Dorset Cliff And A Horrific Poisoning In Cambridge Following Various Career Threatening Misdemeanours, Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers Is Desperate To Redeem Herself So When A Past Encounter With Bestselling Feminist Writer Clare Abbott And Her Pushy Personal Assistant Caroline Goldacre Gives Her A Connection To The Cambridge Murder, Barbara Begs DI Thomas Lynley To Let Her Pursue The Crime.Full Of Shocks, Intensity And Suspense From First Page To Last, A Banquet Of Consequences Reveals Both Lynley And Havers Under Pressure, And Author Elizabeth George Writing At The Very Height Of Her Exceptional Powers.

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    As I closed this lengthy 573 pages new book in the Lynley Havers series and I breathed a sigh of relief Oh my goodness, I think Elizabeth George is back on track This was actually a good installment in the series After George killed off Lynley s wife and unborn child on their own doorstep, the series went amok She followed that incident with a book th

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    Elizabeth George is on my short list of must read mystery writers Each book is huge, and the equivalent of comfort food I read a bunch of them all in a row a few years ago at a time when I needed something diverting, consuming but not too serious Since then, every few years a new one comes out and I sink right back into the world of Linley and Havers T

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    I ve long been a fan of the Lynley mysteries Literary crime fiction at it s best, with A Banquet of Consequences Ms George has hit top form once .I ll be honest and say since the series game changing event that occured in With No one As Witness I felt that the author lost her way a little whilst the ensuing novels were still good it lost a little someth

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    An Assured Novelist of Precarious SituationsI recently took a look at the latest Maisie Dobbs mystery by Jacqueline Winspear, whose novels I quite enjoyed at the beginning until I realized that they had settled into a tiresome rut I felt rather the same about Elizabeth George s British mysteries, though I read a good manyof them before giving up But here

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    3.5 stars Will Goldacre is a troubled young man who s afflicted with a deformed ear and a condition that seems to resemble Tourette s Syndrome he sometimes vocalizes curse words and inappropriate phrases After a break up and attempted reconciliation with his girlfriend Lily, Will commits suicide by jumping off a cliff This devastates Will s family, especi

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    If you want to continue your relationship with Barbara Havers, do yourself a favor and skip to page 567, read it and walk away quickly take your Converse and run , then wait another two years Lynley has apparently been abducted and replaced by a paper doll cutout that resembles very little of the man we came to know It says it s Lynley, it drives a car lik

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    Swedish review Oanade konsekvenser r den f rsta Thomas Lynley och Barbara Havers boken jag har l st p flera r, men det k nns inte alls som om jag har missat n got trots att jag tminstone inte har l st de senaste 10 b ckerna om inte fler Jag m ste erk nna att jag var lite tveksam till boken innan jag b rjade Men s r den ver 600 sidor l ng och av erfarenhet v

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    God, she s good at what she does It s been ages since a book actually kept me up all night Of course, I m having a little trouble getting my eyes to focus this morning

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    George s massive, character rich mysteries are unique in the annals of British mystery writing George s conclusion to the nineteenth in this series leaves us as anxious to hear the future for her characters as we ever were in the beginning She throws in everything her characters encounter in a day, making the book dauntingly long, but as I pointed out in an e

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    I used to absolutely love these books and although I was a little disappointed in the last one I pre ordered this one Sadly I think that, for me, they have had their day Tommy Lynley seems like a bit part player in this rather slow and tedious tale and though I have not been gripped as I have in the past and at times tried to think of other things to do rather

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