[Ebook] ↠ A Family Guide to Childhood Glaucoma and Cataracts Author Alex V. Levin – Writerscompany.co.uk

A Family Guide to Childhood Glaucoma and Cataracts A Family Guide To Childhood Glaucoma And Cataracts Was Developed As A Tool To Aid Families In Navigating The Many Questions That Arise From The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Childhood Glaucoma Or Cataract Each Chapter Is Presented In A Question And Answer Format, With Images That Make Certain Concepts And Processes Easier To Understand In Addition To Basic Information About Glaucoma And Cataracts, Topics Addressed Include Doctor Visits, Medications, Treatment Options, Eye Surgery, Contact Lenses And Glasses, Low Vision, Genetics And Heredity, Related Conditions, Such As Amblyopia Lazy Eye And Strabismus, Social, Educational, And Other Nonmedical Concerns, And Definitions Of Common Terms Used By Medical Professionals Serving Patients With Glaucoma Or Cataracts The PGCFA Is A Support Group For Parents And Families Dedicated To Issues Related To Pediatric Glaucoma And Cataracts This Organization Provides Education And Support To Families Of Children With These Diseases Around The World Through Its Membership Meetings, Website , Discussion Forums, And Newsletter.

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