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A Long Desire A Long Desire Is About Man S Constant Yearnings Throughout Legend And History To Attain The Unattainable Always Grasping At The Stars Just Out Of Reach, Chasing The Rainbow For That Pot Of Gold, Looking For That Lost City That Must Be Just Over The Next Hill

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    Evan Connell is one of my favorite authors, having read his novels Mrs Bridge, then Mr Bridge, followed by his history of Custer in Son of the Morning Star and how Custer wound up having his golden locks shorn at the the Battle of the Little Big Horn.A Long Desire is a pleasant,

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    A fantastic collection of eleven essays by a vastly under appreciated writer, whose Son of the Morning Star, about the Battle of the Little Bighorn, remains one of my favorite books All of the essays in A Long Desire concern rumors, legends, theories, and fantasies, often of treasure, and

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    I read a review a while back that led me to believe I d enjoy this book I did not It was vaguely interesting, but rather dry and a bit of a slog I m not sure what I expected, but it wasn t what I found Perhaps my impressions of the book are coloured by my intense distaste for the sort of obsessions

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    Previously on Writer Working, we ve seen Evan S Connell tackle the life of James Armstrong Custer in Son of The Morning Star and his novel, Mr Bridge The Custer book was a winner, Mr Bridge less so Prompted by friend relative Dan I took a peek at another of his non fiction ventures, A Long Desire, a collectio

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    Everyone who loves to read history should own this book and its companion THE WHITE LANTERN Both are collections of historical essays dealing with a wide range of topics They are written with a joy of learning that cannot be hidden The author is a master of language who brings an ironic tone to these works He explores

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    A collection of essays on exploration and the mysteries the world has to offer It introduced me to several historical figures I didn t hear about in school, and I still pick it up when I want to read about a folk figure like Prester John, or an explorer like Ibn Battuta Extremely readable.

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    A most wonderful book visiting historic voyages of many who helped open up the world so many years ago These are great and exciting tales of adventure and speak about fascinating historic expeditions around the world I loved learning about several female adventurers and will be seeking eveninformation about May French Sheldon and Mary Kin

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    This is an excellent overview on some of the greatest obsessions that have possessed mankind over the centuries, which usually involved huge loss of life, genocide and the attempted attainment of vast personal wealth and celebrity, so sadly it can be said how little we have actually changed as a species.

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    This is a re reading A great book, but hard to explain There are chapters on the Children s Crusade, Columbus, Atlantis, Prester John, ElDorado andConnell is a excellent stylist with an eye for the detail that ties the past to the present He also wrote an excellent biography of Custer called Son of the Morning Star

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    An amazing book that changed my life I feel as though in reading it I inherited part of our world I hadn t even known existed.

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