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A Not So Hollow Heart Mason S Facing Than One Apocalypse The Darkest Hours Are Those Spent Alone When Memories Surface And The Touch Of His Lost Love Can Make The Most Erotic Of Dreams Horrifying He D Rather Face Danger Than Recollect How He Loved Antonio, And What He Was Prepared To Give Up For Him He S Never Going To Fall In Love Again That Vow Wavers When He Rescues Kyle, Although He S Certain Luck Had To Do With Saving Kyle Than Anything He Did Now Mason Fears Something Than The Walking Dead He S Afraid Giving In To Lust May Lead To Love, If The Walking Dead And Homophobic Hatred Don T Murder Them First

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    3.5 starsI enjoyed seeing the world through Mason s eyes More so for the feelings and view of the world he had view spoiler I silently cheered for him and Kyle to grab any chance at happiness and was glad when Mason also came to realise this albeit somewhat

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    Thhhhssssk That s supposed to be a long sucky in breath in case you were wondering And if this was a car I d be kicking the tire and scratching my chin over the state of things.Yeah, uhm I m just going to get it over with This wasn t great.The world building was scan

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    3.5 stars rounded up.Interesting romance set in a zombie apocalypse I really liked the character of Mason but felt like I hardly knew Kyle and that much of his growth healing was done off page or told to us as something he needs to sort through in the future The scenes where M

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    I love Zombie stories, but I m afraid this isn t one of my favorites.It felt incomplete, rushed, and when the story starting to get better, it ended.A real shame that it was too short to reached the full potential I hope there is a sequel, I would love to read it for sure.

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    I normally really enjoy zombie apocalyptic books, but this one just didn t do it for me The story felt too short, like it was cut off just as it was starting to get interesting The characters lacked real depth and emotion, giving this book an almost cold feel to it Kyle especially remained somewh

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    I wanted to like this one a lotthan I actually did I had some problems with the character building and scant world building, surprisingly too much sex and not enough plot I felt the entire story was crammed into a short novella when it neededbreadth to make it work The outline of a decent to good book is t

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    Just because the world is overrun with flesh eating zombies that can infect you with a bite, doesn t mean you can t find love in the middle of all the madness and mayhem Mason along with a small group of survivors have found a safe place to call home, protecting themselves from the zombie hordes that have infested t

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    2.5 stars

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