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A Reputation for Revenge (Princes Untamed, #2) Read A Reputation For Revenge Princes Untamed, 2 By Jennie Lucas Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Playing A Verydangerous Game Josie Dalton S Heart Pounds In Her Chest As She Approaches The Imposing Penthouse Of Formidable Russian Prince Kasimir Xendzov She Might Have Agreed To Marry Him To Save Her Sister, But The Icy Glitter In Kasimir S Unflinching Eyes Warns That He S Not A Man To Be Toyed With.The Final Piece Of The Puzzle Has Fallen Into Place And Revenge Is At Kasimir S Fingertips The Champagne S On Ice And His New Wife Waits In The Bedroom Victory Has Never Been Sweeter But Josie S Purity Tests The One Thing Kasimir Didn T Know He Had Honor.

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    I think Jennie Lucas might give Lynne Graham a run for her money with the sweet, naive heroine theme Josie is as sweet as they come She really seems out of her league with Kasimir It seems like shooting fish in the barrel But Kasimir never knew what hit him Before he knew it, his plan

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Josie, the unemployed virgin housemaid, arrives back in Honolulu to throw herself at the mercy of Prince Kasimir, the mining magnate She will marry him, and sell him a house in Alaska, if he will rescue her sister f

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    2.5 3 It was hard not to like the heroine She reminded me a bit of the heroine from Graham s The Spanish Groom She tended toward being a bit plump depending on your POV She was the type who d never met a stranger, had no filter, and would give her lunch to a homeless guy Kind of a Mary Sue, but so goofy

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    4 starsI really enjoyed this book mainly because of the heroine who was just so real She was 22 and an innocent who saw the good in people Having lost her mother, she was raised by her father who was always gone with her sister, playing poker Then her sister Bree cosseted her, now Josie s foolishness cost her sist

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    Aww this was one perfect read The heroine was adorable I was like I just wanna put you in my pocket and take you home She was naive but in a good way She had a loving, trusting heart and so she choose to believe the best about Kasimir She was completely honest about her feelings and nothing like the typical annoying Harlequ

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    And I promise you, he whispered, for the rest of my life, even if I make a mistake here or there, I ll love you both with everything I ve got And if I screw up, or if we fight, I ll always be the first to say I m sorry I love Bree s story but I love this oneHero and heroine are so cute Josie was so real and I want to punch myself for

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    4.5The second installment in The Princes Duet is a very intense read.Kasimir Vladimir s brother and sworn enemy has a perfect plan for revenge Temporarily marry Josie Bree s little sister to gain access to his ancestors land that his brother sold to Josie s father ten years ago And, to make his revenge evensweet, he ll blackmail Bree to trick

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    Closely linked to Dealing Her Final Card as the Heroes are brothers and Heroines are sisters.

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    2.5 starsAh, once again I find myself so damned conflicted about this one The practical side of me says that this was a good one, but the romantic side of me wants, well, a bitromance and sweetness.In all fairness, Jennie Lucas is a great author Her plots really are very well though out and executed, twisting and turning unexpectedly She plays havoc with your hea

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    I loved this book It was a great second book about Russian brothers He was slowly falling for her and it was amazing how it developed I can t believe how radically I changed my mind about both the characters I thought she was naive ...

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