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小澤征爾さんと、音楽について話をする A Deeply Personal, Intimate Conversation About Music And Writing Between The Internationally Acclaimed, Best Selling Author And His Close Friend, The Former Conductor Of The Boston Symphony Orchestra.Haruki Murakami S Passion For Music Runs Deep Before Turning His Hand To Writing, He Ran A Jazz Club In Tokyo, And From The Beatles Norwegian Wood To Franz Liszt S Years Of Pilgrimage, The Aesthetic And Emotional Power Of Music Permeates Every One Of His Much Loved Books Now, In Absolutely On Music, Murakami Fulfills A Personal Dream, Sitting Down With His Friend, Acclaimed Conductor Seiji Ozawa, To Talk, Over A Period Of Two Years, About Their Shared Interest Transcribed From Lengthy Conversations About The Nature Of Music And Writing, Here They Discuss Everything From Brahms To Beethoven, From Leonard Bernstein To Glenn Gould, From Record Collecting To Pop Up Orchestras, And Much Ultimately This Book Gives Readers An Unprecedented Glimpse Into The Minds Of The Two Maestros It Is Essential Reading For Book And Music Lovers Everywhere.

About the Author: Haruki Murakami

is a popular contemporary Japanese writer and translator His work has been described as easily accessible, yet profoundly complex He can be located on Facebook at

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    Murakami loves music, any reader of his could tell you as much Norwegian Wood was named after a Beatles song albeit one not very well known and After Dark is framed by a music soundtrack in a brilliant display of atmospheric setting With this all that love is here And like all who have a good taste in music, Murakami s is eclectic and very well considered I found myself

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    One of the most remarkable evenings of my life was the time I hosted an assistant conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra a couple of years ago I cooked, wine flowed, and we talked late into the night I recall it started with his explanation of The Enigma Variations over farro and grilled vegetables and segued into a discussion of what symphonies he most wanted to

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    I ve said it before and I ll say it again If I could only read the work of one author for the rest of my life, I d choose Haruki Murakami In this new non fiction work, Murakami sits down with Seiji Ozawa, legendary conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra Music has long been a pivotal component of Murakami s novels, which is no sur...

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    Since I read all things Murakami, I had to read this It turned out to be wonderful I guess the you know about music, the better it would be I know a little and learned a lot But it s also about what it means to be an artist It s a lot about the process of creating art Seiji Ozawa comes across as being gentle, warm, and generous, with his time his energy and his talent He teaches as well as co

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    M nh t nh c th y cu n n y trong list to read c a m t ng i b n v ngay l p t c mu n c n C n g th v h n i v i m t ng i th ch c ti u thuy t v nghe nh c c i n nh m nh khi c c nh ng cu c tr chuy n nghi m t c c a hai ng i Nh t n i ti ng nh t l nh v c c a m nh c ch P Murakami nh th ng l , v n lu n bi t c ch t o n n b t ng cho ng i c Nh ng l n n y kh ng ph i l nh ng c nh quan h nhu m m u nh c c m, nh ng cu c du

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    mi vine cumva s r d amar c nd mi aduc aminte de mine la 16 ani, ur nd cu pasiune muzica clasic Habar n aveam ce pierd Dintre toate genurile, opera mi se p rea cea mai detestabil Iar acum, opera e sufle elul meu Unde vreau s ajung, de faptCartea lui Murakami despre muzic este n principal despre muzica clasic NS Chiar dac nu prea a i avut nt lniri de gradul III cu ea p n acum, e foarte posibil ca dialogul dintre

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    When I was about four years old, I received a gift of a mechanical bear cub that climbed a pole I looked at the illustration on the box and was disappointed when I opened it that the toy itself didn t look as perfect as the illustration I imagine that four years of age is a bit young to start being jaded, but I think I learned then that it doesn t always pay to have expectations that are too high One s expectations mi

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    In 2010 star conductor Seiji Ozawa, then in his mid 70s, had to settle down for a while to convalesce from a series of serious health problems Haruki Murakami, his celebrated countryman and a genuine classical music buff, filled in the gap with a series of long conversations on all things musical Murakami is an avid record collector but doesn t know how to read music So he is essentially a dilettante who had the privilege to

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    i feel like this is probably really really good if you know a lot about classical music than I do As it was, I was just fascinated by the eerie dynamic btw Murakami and Ozawa Murakami I will now ask you to listen to this recording you made forty years agoOzawa ha ha okayMurakami Let s stop the tape at 3 39, I m intrigued by the timpani hiss here, why did you do thatOzawa huh never noticed that before, don t rememberMurakami I seeMur

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    I m not the target audience for this book I m not someone that listens to classical music I don t listen to much music at all really I read this simply because I am a completionist Especially when it comes to Murakami That being...

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