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Accidental Detective (Amateur Sleuths Romantic Mystery, #5) I ve watched this story before Silk Stalkings in the early 90s I loved the premise of two partners with unresolved feelings for one another being forced to confront them then, and I still enjoyed it now I would have loved for the mystery to be slightlyimportant to the story than fixing the Sassy Female Detective, Anneliese Nottingham, And Her Hot, Hunky Private Investigator Boss, Leo McKenzie, Are Back Their Cases Are Sometimes Crazy, But The Attraction Between Them Is Always Sizzling Hot Scams, Mystery, And Romance Oh My Anneliese And Leo Love The Thrill Of A New Case, And The Bizarre The Better, But This Is One Of Their Strangest Cases Yet Hired By Some Of Leo S Old Friends To Pose As A Couple In A Martha S Vineyard Beach Retreat Would Seem Like A Dream Come True To Some But Not To Two People Who Are Desperately Trying To Fight Their Attraction For Each Other.And As The Investigation Progresses, An Unexpected Twist Forces Them To Confront Their Past And Their Feelings Can They Put Their Issues Aside To Solve The Case Loved it I have read all five books of this series All the emotions are there especially love Please try them for a good mystery from each and a delicious ending to it all. they have to pre4tend to be a couple to investigate a new retreat which seems too good to be true can they overcome the difficulties they have to solve this new crime see if they can finally get together and solve the crime as wellI received a free c This book is just as wonderful to read as the other four were I love that the author continued to keep the stories fun, light and all around wonderful I have recommended this series to my friends and will continue to do so I receive Leo and Anneliese are on the hunt for a money laundering scheme and must attend a relationships retreat at the request of the Boston Police Will they find the guilty party Will the relationships retreat have an impact on their own issues One can only hope They appear to be so likable and to truly like each other but will they be able to work together with all the angst You ll have to read the story to find out I like this series and enjoy their abilities to get to the heart of the cases th This was a fun and funny read I love this book Leo and Anneliese once again are on the hunt for the truth Will they be able to solve the cases they are on and solve the issues they have with each other You will have to read and find out for yourself I have fallen I received an ARC in exchange of a honest review I was pretty satisfied how the things finally turned out for Leo and Anneliese In previous books, they were always getting hot n cold Though the case was not so much interesting as it was in book 2,3,4 but was worth it.

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