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Acts Read Acts Author Ajith Fernando Jwdfitness.co.uk Most Bible Commentaries Take Us On A One Way Trip From The Twentieth Century To The First Century But They Leave Us There, Assuming That We Can Somehow Make The Return Journey On Our Own In Other Words, They Focus On The Original Meaning Of The Passage But Don T Discuss Its Contemporary Application The Information They Offer Is Valuable But The Job Is Only Half Done The NIV Application Commentary Series Helps Us With Both Halves Of The Interpretive Task This New And Unique Series Shows Readers How To Bring An Ancient Message Into Modern Context It Explains Not Only What The Bible Means But Also How It Can Speak Powerfully Today.

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    really liked this commentary, i have a lot of respect for fernando as a down to earth, but not dumbed down commentator.

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    This is a fantastic commentary, written in a not so common style While it s not easy to read, Fernando manages to employ an almost conversational tone throughout the book that is interesting, but deeply informative If you need to study the book of Acts, you should

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    This was another good popular level non academic commentary from the NIV Application Commentary series I recommend this series as devotional reading as well as for extra material in preparation of bible studies or sermons This author, from Sri Lanka provided a view

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    The NIV Application Commentary series is my favorite In Acts the author not only offers his own understanding of Luke s second book but helps us understand the views of other commentators The bridging contexts and contemporary significance sections provide val...

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