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Alexander Very informative and a quick read. PDF Epub Alexander By Laura Foreman Bystricepodhostynem.eu No Individual Has Made His Mark On The Worldprofoundly Than Alexander The Great, The Young Man Who, Through War, Diplomacy, And Machiavellian Means, Expanded His Empire To Include Most Of The Known World All Before He Died At Age Thirty Three A Remarkable Man Whose Path Crossed With Some Of The Most Influential People, Places, And Events Of All Time, Alexander Bega Review to come Very good read, especially the pictures and the story sections in between. not as enlightening as enlightening as mary renault s the nature of alexander but the pictures are great This book was very accurate in its history and retells the story of one of the greatest generals who ever lived as thoroughly as possible Was very easy to read and had me interested and excited to read it from A good, engagingly written overview of Alexander s life and achievements What it lacks in detail compared to other biographies it absolutely makes up for with its wealth of great pictures that make this a great addition to my collection of material on Alexander the Great.

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