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Aliens: The Female War Lieutenant Ellen Ripley Awoke From Her Long Journey In Space With A Hole In Her Memory And An Overwhelming Drive To Survive When She Meets Wilks And Billie, Two Battered Veterans In The War Against The Aliens, She Realizes She S Found Two Comrades In Arms And She S Ready To Take Up The FightOnly Then Does She Discover The Devastating Secret That Lurks Behind Her Long Sleep When She, Wilks, And Billie Prepare To Meet The Aliens Head On To Turn A Powerful Alien Queen Against Her Spawn In A Battle Intended To Save Earth, That Secret Becomes Her Greatest Weapon And Her Greatest Liability As The Fate Of Earth Hangs In The Balance, Ripley And Billie Must Come To Terms With What It Means To Be Alien And What It Means To Be Human

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    I enjoyed this one because it featured Ripley in a main role sort of and also had a pretty major even in the ending view spoiler Of course, Ripley is now some type of highly advanced synthetic and the big ending, where a bomb kills all of the Aliens infesting Earth, is never actually shown The bo

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    Aliens Novels Book 3, The Female War 0 553 56159 6Having thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the Aliens series Earth Hive and Nightmare Asylum , I have mixed feelings about this book.We join the series almost precisely where we left off in Nightmare Asylum with Wilks, Bille, and Ripley mooni

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    The third in the first trilogy of ALIENS novels, based on a trilogy of graphic novels from Dark Horse Comics written by Mark Verheiden In the previous two books, Perry re worked the characters Newt and Hicks from the comics as Billie and Wilks following the release of ALIEN3 The third comic co star

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    Having read all three Aliens books by Steve Perry, this final novel was definately the best in the trilogy.Earth Hive was good, but it was the second book, Nightmare Asylum, which really picked up the pace and delivered a truly spectacular action packed storyline It blew me away I don t mind confess

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    This is a great adaptation of the comic series Aliens Earth War and I liked how both Steve and Stephaine wove the last chapter of the trilogy togeather as well as explained how Ripley could ve survived her death on Fury 161, it is apparent that this trilogy takes place during the 200 hundred years be

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    Final part of the trilogy I enjoyed the entire trilogy As we can read on the back of the book, Ripley comes back in this book which is nice The character of Ripley is somewhat different than I imagined, but that maybe just me But then again, she is different In this part, view spoiler a team is gather

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    As I expect I ve written in every review of an Aliens related book I love the xenomorphs for how deeply scary they are as monsters Even in the least scary Aliens related media AVP Requiem, for example , I can enjoy it a bit just cause the xenomorphs are in it..So I did enjoy this book..At the same time

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    Man, do I have regrets I was under the impression that the Steve Perry Aliens books were good, and bought several of the books in the series beyond theirs to see how they ranked I like the franchise, and I was curious to see how authors could work beyond the stories in the movies So far, the consensus s

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    This entire series was a bit schlocky, and I knew what I was getting into when I started, I knew I would have to intentionally hang most of my disbelief out to dry, but man, the whole plan for solving the alien infestation problem on Earth, and especially the way it ultimately unfolded, crushed every las

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    One of the inherent problems in any narrative with installments is writers feeling like they need to up the ante every time, in order to not become boring or repetitive or have their readers viewers be like yawn, but this is exactly like what they solved last time This is how you end up with ridiculous, o

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