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All Afternoon with a Scandalous Marquess Simon Jefferes, The Marquess Of Sainthill, Has Done The Unthinkable He S Fallen In Love The So Called Saint Has Spent His Life Gambling, Dallying With Women, And Satisfying His Every Whim And He Fully Intended To Continue His Wicked Ways, Until He Met The Mysterious, Exotic, And Irresistible Madame Venna The One Woman He Can T Have And The Only One He S Ever Wanted For Than An EveningThe Proprietress Of The Golden Pearl, One Of London S Most Exclusive Brothels, Madame Venna Takes Pride In The Lush, Decadent Club She S Created With A Half Mask To Conceal Her Identity, She S Careful To Safeguard Something Even Valuable Her Heart But Saint Is Determined To Tear Down The Walls She S Built Around Herself, And To Finally Expose The Truth That Madame Venna Is A Woman Very Much In Love With Him

About the Author: Alexandra Hawkins

Alexandra Hawkins is an unrepentant Anglophile who discovered romance novels as a teenager and knew that one day she would be writing her own In The Lords of Vice series, she has combined her love of English history, mythology, and romance to create sensual character driven stories that, she hopes, will touch readers hearts.You can also find me at www.facebook.com author.alexandra.hawFan page www.facebook.com lordsofvicewww.twitter.com lordsofvicehttps plus.google.com u 0 103785519

10 thoughts on “All Afternoon with a Scandalous Marquess

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    This book is totally scandalous The ending is not very plausible considering the time period Catherine Deverall is the illegitimate daughter of an Earl, who gave her away because the Lady of Eyre, a married woman hid her pregnancy while her husband was in India The Royles raised her, beat her and allowed their son t

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    Catherine has 2 lives One as her quiet reserved unnoticed self that of Madam Venna Saint has been in love with her for 6 years finally he has had it He s going for it This was another great installment in this series, however, I felt it missed an entire chapter or 2 of family resolve at the end of this book You were left w

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    Heroine is creepy She was a true whore She was going to sleep with her half brother out of spite for a scandal she got interrupted before she could accomplish it She slept with the hero s best friend too I cringed all through the book because the heroine is nuts and has mental problems Big disappointment Never should have been pu

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    Originally posted on Adria s Romance ReviewsI liked this book a lot, it s not my favorite of the series but I enjoyed it and didn t put it down until I was dead tired each night There were a few issues I had with the storyline, most of them towards the end of the book but they didn t diminish my overall enjoyment of All Afternoon with a

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    This series is becoming increasingly disappointing It seems as though Hawkins put effort into Book 1 and then barely fleshed out the ideas for the rest as if she hadn t thought through the full contract or something First off, it has a very already done feel a brothel madam wearing a half mask with a victimized past sounds an awful lot like Ho

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    I really enjoyed Sunrise with a Notorious Lord. so I was excited to read this one going in Talk about meh I ve read a couple of books recently with OUTSTANDING heroes, so this one came up relatively short Saint really did nothing for me, in anyway, shape, or form Bland or boring might be better adjectives And I do take issue with throwing in rape sex

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    I honestly considered leaving no review for this 2.5.I have no idea why Saint got this book I found myself feeling bad, disgusted and disheartened by this so called romance and further found the historical accuracy completely implausible.Catherine Deverell or AKA Madame of Golden..had an abusive childhood Full of abuse and rape She becomes a prostitute then

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    Stubbornboth of them were but I loved it Made the story so much better I cannot wait to get Hunter and Frost s story I loved how Saint found out who Catherine really was The way Frost egged Saint on through out the book was a great touch.

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    I have been looking foward to reading this book since I have fallen in love with the Lords of Vice, those sexy , naughty men that fall hard for the loves of their lives.The Marquess of Sainthill Saint Is enad with Madme Veena The Golden Pearl s madame and owner who over the years has sent her girls to the Lord s of Vices club Nox The two of them spent one passionate nigh

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    I was surprised to find myself enjoying this one as much as I did, I mean a madam I liked that Saint had a adult opinion of Venna view spoiler Catherine hide spoiler taking lovers after him, because he really got around after her so it s only fair I liked that Saint actually discovers that Venna and view spoiler Catherine hide spoiler are the same person before he does somethin

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