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Animal Instincts (Kindred Souls, #1) Reading Animal Instincts Kindred Souls, 1 Patricia Rosemoor Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Half Human, Half Kindred, Luc Lazare Doesn T Want Complications In His Life He S Focused On Protecting His Shapeshifting Family And Love Is The Last Distraction He Needs Skye Cross Has The Ability To Talk To Animals Her Most Recent Animal Rescue Mission Stopping An Alleged Dog Fight Actually Involved Shifters In A Primal Battle Her Investigation Leads Her To Luc, A Man Whose Powers Both Unsettle And Intrigue Her Skye Quickly Finds Herself Caught In A Dangerous World She Never Knew Existed, While Relying On A Man She Couldn T Possibly Trust Coming From Two Different Worlds, Can Luc And Skye Overcome The Obstacles Fated To Keep Them Apart Enjoy An Excerpt From Animal Instincts The Predators Moved In On Me Trying Not To Show The Anxiety That Threatened To Consume Me, I Curled My Hands Into Fists And Edged Backward They Continued To Advance On Me My Heart Was Pounding, My Blood Racing Knowing They Could Sense My Fear, I Tried To Control It Futile No Escape The Hyena Broke From The Pack And Rushed Me If I Turned My Back On It, I Was Dead For Sure I Kept Putting One Foot Behind The Other And The Wolf And The Lion Picked Up Their Pursuit The Hyena S Muscles Bunched And It Flew Through The Air At Me I Threw Up My Hands To Protect Myself, But It Never Reached Me Instead, It Was As If An Invisible Wall Stopped It Cold It Shrieked And Fell To The Ground In A Heap What Do You Think You Re Doing Go The Predators Stopped And I Sensed Their Sudden Fear Now The Voice In My Head Thundered The Animals Fled And Quickly Disappeared Into The Night I Flipped Around At First I Didn T See Him Then I Caught A Movement To My Right And Nailed Him Where He Stood Dark Hair Whipped Around Features So Rugged They Could Have Been Cut From Granite High Cheekbones Broad Forehead Square Chin His Eyes Appeared Silver In The Moonlight, And They Glowed At Me, Tightening My Stomach And Making It Hard To Breathe Trembling, I Gasped What Just Happened You Got Into Something That Doesn T Concern You Forget About It I Started He Hadn T Said The Last Bit Out Loud There Was Something About Him So Powerful I Almost Agreed I Fought The Desire To Give In I M Not Forgetting About Anything Who Are You I Felt As If He Were Trying To Push The Command Into My Mind Glaring At Him, I Pushed Back What Are You He Asked Someone Who Protects Animals His Silence Told Me That Wasn T Exactly The Explanation He Was Looking For My Pulse Threaded As He Stepped Closer I Sensed Both Threat And Something Less Tangible, Something That Made My Stomach Knot And My Throat Tighten. This book was an easy read that I finished in a few hours The plot is straightforward, but I had to pretend a lot of things were different for that to be the case Overall the writing and dialog was a bit stilted and often repetitive At one point the hero asks the heroine the same question 3 5 times in one convo and then a few times the next time they meet The word choices were often very odd as well I.e unless this book stars Bonnie and Clyde cops should not be referred to as coppers Skye, the heroine, was a bit daft throughout the book, and Luc, the hero, was so indecisive Mostly though the magic in this world does not fully make sense to me Magic is not known to the people of the world, but those with powers were pretty cavalier about letting their otherness show in front of normal humans, or letting those in the know tell others about their existence with no consequences There are weres, but not your typical ones Instead they are immortals who took over animal bodies and live off the souls of humans There are witches as well, although that just turned out to be a convenient excuse for the heroines 1 ability, her ab I love paranormal romances and Animal Instincts seemed right up my alley, I love shapeshifter novels there s just something so delicious about an alpha born hero with true animal instincts, but lord did I want to shoot Luc and please let s not get started on the female When Skye stumbles into an animal battle arena, her first reaction is to run in there and stop it all from happening That is until her twin brother shows up and warns her to stay away She s not about to stand on the side while animals are being pitted against each other and forced to fight to the death But the animals she runs into aren t just dogs, they are wild animals, predators Skye and her twin, Shade were born with an ability that allowed them to read people, and animals She can communicate with animals telepathically, while he can read people s thoughts When Skye encounters the wild dog, she suddenly begins to hear him She s baffled, but ultimately her goal is to help the animal who s been wounded This is where she runs into Luc and where their encounter leads them both to something much than a simple animal fight.Now, while the story itself is interesting with its shifters and witches thrown together, the reason I cannot rate this book higher is because of the romance in the book If we ca DNF 25% 1 2 2018 Skye s gift allows her to communicate with animals through pictures But suddenly, she can now hear the thoughts of humans and she doesn t know why Skye s brother, Shade, is investigating a string of murders and he may be on to what is really going on at the casino The Ark which has a secret, underground area that s invitation only Luc is head of security at The Ark and he wants to know why Skye keeps showing up at places she doesn t belong.That s about as far as I got before having to give up on this read I was particularly bothered by the fact that Skye s point of view is written in first person and everyone else, Luc, Shade, Bad Guy, etc., were all written in third person This structure just didn t mesh for me and every time the POV would change it would jar me out of the story.I also had a lot of issues with the writing, in particular the dialogue, which felt stilted or odd with strange word choices, like Skye saying copper when referring to her brother, a cop Luc also asks Skye what are you about 10 times in just the first 20% and it was often several times right after each other Neither Skye nor Luc seem very good at keeping their secrets Skye Skye could communicate with animals and usually saw images of their thoughts her twin brother Shade could hear people s thoughts and was a cop Shade was the other half to Skye s souls Skye worked with animal rescue as she also had a psychic connection with animals as well as her twin.But now a man Skye and she could hear his thoughts skye had been looking for a wounded coyote and seen a lion, a wolf , and a hyena and he told them to leave and they did Then Shade appeared and and asked what Skye was doing with this man before her Skye could feel the mutual dislike between the two men Shade knew than he was letting on Then shade was blocking what he was letting Skye see Luc qwas then man by Skye and she heard him when he thought what are you Luc s father had won the permit to build the first casino boat in Chicago though the permit for The Ark as it was called had not included the several lower decks clocked by his father s magic where only the invited got to play The year before when the first complex on the lower decks had opened Luc had taken the job of head of security to make his dad happy Luc had recognized Ske as Shade s sister from the physical similarities she shared with Shade Yet he couldn t control her Luc wanted to know Skye better and he didn t like being thwarted Luc was used to having control especially over humans but for some reason not Skye Luc couldn t get her off his mind Shade then died in the line of dut I really enjoy reading this Author s stories She knows how to weaved a story I thoroughly enjoyed the way this story included so many animals I like the tension between the hero and heroine I was surprised at the end on who the bad guy was I do love adventure and mystery Great read. I received an AEC of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.Luc is part wolf, part human He has never made the commitment to choose which side he was to embrace much to his father s dismay.Sky works with Animal rescue There have been a series of dog fights in the area and she is at the latest to try and help the animals they recover Her brother, a detective, is there also and is angry at her for being in a dangerous situation Hmm, seems he knows something she doesn t This is where she meets Luc, who is evasive with answers and not very nice to her as she is attempting to help a coyote that was injured during the fight A coyote at a dogfight Sky sees several other types of animals that night, raising even question.Luc does not stay out of her life though She finds him watching her, following her Then Sky s brother is killed when he goes to ask Luc s mother questions, he is killed saving her life Now Luc feels he HAS to protect Sky.Will Sky figure it all out Will the truth about Luc scare her away Will finding out who killed her brother also kill her I had mixed feelings about I read a few books inThe McKenna Legacy series when I was younger and fell in love, not just with the characters and family, but with the way Patricia Rosemoor writes So when I was offered the chance to read an early copy ofAnimal Instincts, the first book in Patricia s newKindred series, I jumped at the chance without even bothering to read the blurb.Let me tell you this book, it ll rip your heart out, shatter it completely and slowly repair the cracks throughout the story.There s drama, mystery, thrills, chills and romanceAnimal Instincts features Skye Cross a woman who can communicate with animals and Luc Lazare a man who can turn into one, a panther, to be precise.The chemistry between Skye and Luc sizzles and snaps from their very first meeting and their romance is sweet to watch but it s the mystery and uncovering secrets and truths that will keep you turning page after page, just as I can t even with this book Book source NetGalleyDNF 42%Luc Lazare is half human and half something else I don t know what because I gave up at 42% Skye Cross is also something, but at least she conveniently finds her mother s old Book of Powers right when she needs it to explain what s going on with the wonky things she can do And it s a good thing she reads that book out loud to her brother s ghost so Luc an listen outside an open window and hear what she is since he keeps asking her every time they meet and she doesn t answer him At 42% I had to toss in the towel The characters are one dimensional and stupid There are SECRETS galore with no reveal in sight It s confusing as shit, the dialogue is stilted, and the pacing is herky jerky It s stagnant The plot, what little there is of one, is just stuck in quick sand and sinking fast Also, who calls cops coppers in a book set in w Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfAnimal Instincts was originally published in November 2013, so it s possible that you ve read this title I hesitated on requesting this title from NetGalley Tule is a publishing house that I usually adore and trust, but I should have listened to those rumblings in my head that said, no, this one probably isn t for you Let me mention that Shifter Romance is my favorite genre, and any title in this sub genre of Paranormal Romance has a lot to live up to for me.While the idea of Animal Instincts is an interesting premise, the story fell far short for me There are a few reasons for that First I could not connect or like either Skye or Luc Individually or as a couple they simply did not work for me I couldn t see the spark between them, and they both are exceptionally annoying at times T

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With 100 novels and than seven million books in print, New York Times USA Today bestselling author Patricia Rosemoor is fascinated with dangerous love combining romance with danger She has written various forms of romantic and paranormal romantic thrillers, bringing a different mix of thrills and chills to her stories.

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