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アルテ 1 La Rel Ve De BRIDE STORIES Prend Place En Pleine Renaissance Florence Le Hobby D Arte, Jeune Fille Aristocrate, Toujours T De Dessiner Et Peindre Une Activit Que Son P Re Toujours Encourag Et Que A M Re Toujours D Ni Lorsque Son P Re Vint D C Der Subitement, Sa M Re Lui Ordonne D Arr Ter Ses Activit S Futiles Arte Repousse Alors Sa M Re Et Se Met Un Qu Te D Un Atelier Ou Elle Pourrait Pratiquer Sans Peine Et Sans Avoir Ce Sentiment De Discrimination Porter Par Son Amour De L Art, Arte, Au Temp Rament Toujours Optimiste, Quitte Ainsi L Aristocratie Et Entre Dans La Vraie Vie Difficile Des Artistes

About the Author: Kei Ohkubo

Debuted in 2011 in 18th issue of Fellows with Hammer Hammer oneshot In 2012 changed her pen name from Narumi Kei to Ookubo Kei .

10 thoughts on “アルテ 1

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    Yeah I know it sounds clich but I really like it I think I m gonna continue it.

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    2.5 starsLove the idea of the Renaissance, but the dialogues tho cringe af

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    Young Arte lives in Florence at the beginning of the 16thC and dreams of becoming a painter, a wish indulged when her father was still alive, but scorned by her mother after he dies, a young woman must marry to ensure the continued protection and support of the family, her passions and love are secondary, not deemed important.Arte rebels against this idea and seeks an apprenticeship with an artisan, only to be laughed at and scorned by

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    I liked this manga very much, despite the pretty common ropes and manga cliche we can observe in the scenario and in the character builing the hard working and strong willed heroine, the lover who doesn t want to realize he loves her because of some age gap, and whatever , no doubt this manga is targeting a large audience, but it s really well done however The plot is very catchy, and the serial itself gives the impression that you re rea

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    One girl s struggle to create art in a world telling her she should give up.Life is not easy for a woman wanting to strike out on her own in 16th century Firenze, Italy The typical girl is supposed to hang off the arm of her husband and let him worry about their lifestyle but for Arte she loves creating art and although the odds are against her she will seek out her passions no matter how hard her journey may become Now it is time for Arte

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    It s an alright read There s lots of flaws and It s a little silly if you are accustomed to the era she s writing in but I got over it If you want something lighthearted and well meaning to read if suggest this Manga.

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    2020 Read 137This is a wonderful manga It reminded me of favorites of mine like A Bride s Story and Aria with the attention paid to the art and the characters I really loved this first volume Now if only there were print editions in English

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    Absolutely superb Truly a protagonist you can empathize with Even if you re not a painter you can find parallels in any line of work Truly if you value hard work then you will enjoy this work And the art is supremely well done.

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    Great drawing, nice story

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    The story started a bit too simple, sometimes feel plain, still it s fun to read Most of character here is lovable The story is unique in it s simplicity.

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