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Attached (Coronado Series, #3) Cary Simmons Is A Kindergarten Teacher Her Boring Life Leaves Her Craving A Summer Of Adventure, A Kick Start Into An Exciting Future However, When Her Car Breaks Down In The Middle Of The California Desert, She Decides To Make The Most Of It After All, A Biker Bar Holds Some Pretty Adventurous Men, Right Travis Mathers Can T Believe His Eyes When A Pretty Little Thing Walks Into The Roughest Bar In Ripley Wearing A Flowered Sundress Instantly, The Retired Navy Seal Knows This Woman Needs His Protection, And He S Going To Give It Whether She Wants It Or Not Besides, Who Could Possibly Have To Show Her About Adventure Can Travis Convince Cary That He Can Turn Around Her Boring Life Can Cary Fight The Allure Of A Risk Taking Alpha Male How Long Can They Resist Becoming Attached

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    Another good one in the Coronado series Travis has been injured while on an op and is trying to come to grips with not being returned to active duty Since he s been in the company of his brothers for 15 years, he wants to go on a road trip alone to begin the adjustment process He encounters a beautiful young woman in a biker bar, totally out of

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    AWESOME This may be the sweetest romance I ve read this year, and I read a lot This full novel is well written, interesting and super sexy The deep thought filled characters make this book wonderful School teacher Cary is on a summer vacation to spice up her boring life She wanders into a Biker Bar when her car breaks down, and gets help While waiti

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    Loved the cover, and took a chance I needed a biker bar book with a SEAL in it Cary s having an Emotional Makeover she s getting out of her rut, being adventurous, and having fun Until her car breaks down, and she s forced to look for help at a biker bar While she charms the bikers, she s rather abrupt with Travis, but he decides to stick around and get

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    Seriously, I love the banter, the sarcasm, the one liners Maybe I have an over active imagination.maybe it was the theater training in my misspent youth but four stars for having me laugh so hard with the biker bar visuals I had tears run down my face Absolutely priceless As to the story.same theme strong handsome SEAL eyes damsel thinking she s in distress

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    love this series Cant wait for the nest one

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    This was an interesting read in that Cary is looking for adventure, and seems to charm bikers and waitresses, and everyone in between Except Travis With him, she s acerbic, annoyed, and avoidant Which draws him all the towards her Once he falls in love with her and decides she s his, he just has to co...

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    AdventureThe meeting of Cary and Travis was so sweet Travis definitely is made of the patience of Job Cary is so cute Her fear of being boring was sad I was glad that Travis was so good for her It could have gotten boring but I lik...

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    This story had me laughing and really enjoying the characters Great story line I love all of Lea Hart s books.

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    Very enjoyableThis is another very enjoyable book in this series I love the characters, the story, and the romance, as well as the men launching into protection mode I also like that their service for our country is honored A very good book.

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    This is my 1st Lea Hart book, and it s my last The 4 and 5 star reviews are so misleading, and I m so annoyed The truth is that the author s writing style is incredibly stilted, especially her dialogue She has no idea how to use commas, so everyone seems to talk in constant run on sentences This reads like a 13 year old s fantasy scenario, with simple conversations, unsophisticate

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I live in Southern California and write stories about sassy, smart women and the alpha men who fall for them When I m not writing, I take care of my daughter and try to take long walks.I believe in the power of a big glass of wine, the right pair of shoes, and a large dose of sarcasm.