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Awakening (The Ydron Saga, #1) How Does A World Armed With Bows, Arrows And Catapults, Where Steam Power Is Just Beginning To Replace Horses And Sailing Ships, Avert A Conquest From Beyond The Stars Prince Regilius Has Been Engineered To Combat The Dalthin, A Predatory Alien Species That Enslaves Worlds Telepathically, And To Do So He Must Unite His People But When His Mother Murders His Father, The Land Descends Into Chaos And His Task May Prove Impossible Faced With Slaying The One Who Gave Him Life In Order To Protect His World, He Seeks A Better Way Set In A Vast And Varied Land Where Telepaths And Those With Unusual Mental Abilities Tip The Course Of Events, Awakening Goes To The Heart Of Family, Friendship And Betrayal.

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    Awakening is unlike most books on the young adult shelf today Book one of the Ydron Saga follows young Reg as he discovers that he isthan just the king s son Raised in a world of horses and ships, he soon discovers that the life he knew is about to change forever It s not just the death of his fath

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    If anyone actually sat down to create a formula certain to sell a fantasy novel I imagined it to be Raymond Bolton after reading Awakening, the first book in his Ydron Saga Take the standard potion of swords and sorcery, the traditional displaced prince looking to regain his throne, his band of loyal cohorts

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    Review reposted from CommunityBookStopT rk esi Zimlicious ta.First things first the world Bolton creates in Awakening, the first book in the Ydron Saga is unique, original and somewhat bizarre There is a planet under fuedal rule in the steam engine era, and although the humans seem to have the power, there is a differ

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    I won this book on Goodreads and as I read the first few pages, I wondered where it was going and I wondered if this was a book I want to read a few chapters in and I was totally immersed in this story The book is highly original, the story very creative and the writing very descriptive I ended up reading it over a few nights a

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    This book is definitely a good read The author wove an intriguing tale where greed for power thrusts the characters into what seems to be unforeseeable events with insurmountable odds The author weaves and endearing story where we learn we might havecontrol over our fate and who we become This book is told from multiple characters points

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    This was my second fantasy read of the week and I think I struck it lucky because they were both great books The Awakening was particularly descriptive and I loved the way author Raymond Bolton builds his world If I closed my eyes ...

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    I have to thank the authour for choosing me to be a first readI was drawn in at the first few pages a bit to sci fi for my taste i am usually a magic and swords fantasy read but this but did open me up to the sci fi fantasy genre it was a pretty decent read i would recommend it for people who ...

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    Not gonna lie, it took me a lot to read it because college but what can I say ITS AN AMAZING STORY A whole new world and experience As I m from Argentina, I ve the spanish version as one of the first reads and I m so thankful for that You should all read this beauty

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    This is the third book that I have won via GoodReads So far, the best one It is written from several point of views Nevertheless, I did not skip any sections to read ahead Engaging book, which I really enjoyed Though I did wonder why the aliens allowed this one person lived so long.

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    Loved this book by Raymond Bolton Original and imaginative, his world building is excellent, his characters are vivid and bold I love it when an author adds originality to an established genre and this is exactly what he has done Next one please

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