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Baby, You're a Rich Man: Suing the Beatles for Fun and Profit The Beatles, The Most Popular, Influential, And Important Band Of All Time, Have Been The Subject Of Countless Books Of Biography, Photography, Analysis, History, And Conjecture But This Long And Winding Road Has Produced Nothing Like Baby You Re A Rich Man, The First Book Devoted To The Cascade Of Legal Actions Engulfing The Band, From The Earliest Days Of The Loveable Mop Heads To Their Present Prickly Twilight Of Cultural Sainthood Part Beatles History, Part Legal Thriller, Baby You Re A Rich Man Begins In The Era When Manager Brian Epstein Opened The Pandora S Box Of Rock N Roll Merchandising, Making A Hash Of The Band S Licensing And Inviting Multiple Lawsuits In The United States And The United Kingdom The Band S Long Breakup Period, From To , Provides A Backdrop To The Machiavellian Grasping Of New Manager Allen Klein, Who Unleashed A Blizzard Of Suits And Legal Motions To Take Control Of The Band, Their Music, And Apple Records Unsavory Mob Associate Morris Levy First Sued John Lennon For Copyright Infringement Over Come Together, Then Sued Him Again For Not Making A Record For Him Phil Spector, Hired To Record A Lennon Solo Album, Walked Off With The Master Tapes And Held Them For A King S Ransom And From To , Lennon Was The Target Of A Deportation Campaign Personally Spearheaded By Key Aides Of President Nixon Caught On Tape With A Drug Addled Elvis Presley That Wound Endlessly Through The Courts In Baby You Re A Rich Man, Stan Soocher Ties The Beatles Ongoing Legal Troubles To Some Of Their Most Enduring Songs What Emerges Is A Stirring Portrait Of Immense Creative Talent Thriving Under The Pressures Of Ill Will, Harassment, And GreedPraise For They Fought The Law Rock Music Goes To Court Stan Soocher Not Only Ably Translates The Legalese But Makes Both The Plaintiffs And Defendants Engrossingly Human Mandatory Reading For Every Artist Who Tends To Skip His Contract S Fine Print Entertainment Weekly

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    An interesting niche book about the Beatles all of their lawsuits are rehashed and explained You get a feeling that our boys had some real slimeballs working for them at various times, and stealing their money I think the My Sweet Lord He s So Fine lawsuit was the worst, according to this book, George stopped listening to the radio, for fear of contaminating his compositio

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    One of the best books about The Beatles I have ever read I learned tons, and all the lawsuits were explained in a way I could understand Fact based and brilliantly written.

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    This seemed like a really interesting idea for a book.But not this book.This is all about the ins and outs of the many lawsuits the Beatles faced in their band years, and after, to an extent.You start with the millions of dollars their manager Brian Epstein left on the table because of naivety, and the attempt to collect it The suits when Allen Klein took over the group.Ther

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    Notice This book was given to me free of charge via random drawing on the goodreads.com web site._Baby You re a Rich Man Suing the Beatles for Fun and Profit_ is one of those books that I m suprised I liked Knowing the little bit about the law that I do, I fully expected one of two scenerious to play out upon these pages I was guessing that it would either be written by a typ

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    According to the contents of this book, being a member of the Fab Four was often less than fabulous Rephrasing the title of their hit song, I Want to Hold Your Hand to I Want to Take Your Money gives the reader an idea of the sorry saga told within these pages Payola, back room deals, dummy corporations, and the eventual splintering of the mop top quartet famously known as The

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    This book zooms in on aspects of Beatles history that I ve only really seen before in single chapters ofcomprehensive books, and ably relates the many legal issues surrounding the band and its members From marketing of early Beatles merchandise, to the creation and dissolution of Apple Corps, to the many devious maneuverings of Allen Klein, to John Yoko s troubles with the FBI

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    Disclaimer I received this book for free as a Goodreads giveaway winner I learned a few interesting tidbits about the Beatles highly litigation filled history, but this book was mainly boring and repetitive The description of the book begins, Part Beatles history, part legal thriller that is exactly half true As an historical account, the book is very strong The author s researc

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    Baby You re a Rich Man by Stan Soocher is a very interesting read This volume ties together the various legal and financial battles which surrounded the Beatles as soon as they began to make money I would likely have given 4.5 stars if available, my only issue is something that is difficult to completely avoid when writing about these issues, a certain amount of dryness creeps in

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    I have read several books that mention some of the suits brought by and against The Beatles across the years This book put it all together The book is very well written and goes into detail many times I had read the latest biography of Allen Klein and, in my opinion, this book provided as much information about his law suits regarding The Beatles both as a group and individuals as

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    Not recommended for readers who have not already read piles of books about The Beatles For those who have, the legal issues will be somewhat familiar, but here there is muchdetail Includes early fights over merchandising, the group s entanglements with one time manager Allen Klein, Lennon s entanglements with Morris Levy the octopus of the music business , Harrison s plagiarism cas

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