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बसंती YouTubeFeatVautopartBike Camping Vautopart CB Gallery Gallery There is something extraordinary about reading classics It s a compelling affair between the reader and the text And the text is no ordinary classics survive all trials of time and in the process of attaining the undisputable stature, they often pass through several stages The first, of course, being the very moot of going into print The road to publishing is not a bed of roses and classics perhaps face the sternest eye of publishers Unsure of their commercial viability, many of them take years to finally get into print Once printed, criticism follows The very substance of classics is such that one, almost instantly, tends to draw a comparison between the one in hand and those published earlier As if this is not enough, these titles then face tremendous neglect and find few readers Their writers, in most cases, pass away in silent oblivion But then something magnificent happens As the years pass, these titles gradually begin to make sense and it almost seems like the writer was far ahead of his times and that his writings begin to make sense and prove relevant years, sometimes decades and even centuries, after their actual death.This very essence of surviving the trials of time and possessing an appeal to readers of subsequent generations in a manner as close to th Bhisham Sahni and his true landscape description of the society, gives us another piece of excellent writing His keen sense of finding a story in the obvious reminds me of the serials Hum Log and Nukkad from the 80s On a daily basis we see our housemaids working, but what we fail to observe is the complexity of their lives Whether her parents love her, whether her husbands wants and treasures her, how does she live, does she have a roof on her head, how she manages her ends in a city where you yourself struggle to meet your needs Basanti is story of such a girl who over the course of the book goes through all her struggles and grows into a woman How she emerges from her Bollywood dream of lo

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