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Bel Canto In An Unnamed South American Country, A World Renowned Soprano Sings At A Birthday Party In Honor Of A Visiting Japanese Industrial Titan Alas, In The Opening Sequence, A Ragtag Band Of 18 Terrorists Enters The Vice Presidential Mansion Through The Air Conditioning Ducts Their Quarry Is The President, Who Has Unfortunately Stayed Home To Watch A Favorite Soap Opera And Thus, From The Beginning, Things Go Awry.Among The Hostages Are Russian, Italian, And French Diplomatic Types Swiss Red Cross Negotiator Oachim Messner Comes And Goes, Wrangling Over Terms And Demands Days Stretch Into Weeks, The Weeks Into Months Joined By No Common Language Except Music, The 58 International Hostages And Their Captors Forge Unexpected Bonds Time Stands Still, Priorities Rearrange Themselves Ultimately, Of Course, Something Has To Give.Hearing Opera Sung Live For The First Time, A Young Priest Reflects Never Had He Thought, Never Once, That Such A Woman Existed, One Who Stood So Close To God That God S Own Voice Poured From Her How Far She Must Have Gone Inside Herself To Call Up That Voice It Was As If The Voice Came From The Center Part Of The Earth And By The Sheer Effort And Diligence Of Her Will She Had Pulled It Up Through The Dirt And Rock And Through The Floorboards Of The House, Up Into Her Feet, Where It Pulled Through Her, Reaching, Lifting, Warmed By Her, And Then Out Of The White Lily Of Her Throat And Straight To God In Heaven.

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    This book came highly recommended, and once I started reading, I kept thinking I had already but couldn t, for the life of me, remember how it ended Turns out, it only seemed familiar to me because it is based on a real life exper

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    Let me preface this review by saying that I know this a disproportionately emotional review, but it s my review and my emotions and it is what it is.In 1996, the home of the Japanese ambassador to Peru was taken hostage by guerillas during

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    Holy crap This One Dayer deserves applause praise it will surely stay with you like some truly terrific best yet, catchy song for days days to come.What happens when terrorists take over a party held in honor of a Japanese businessman at the house of

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    How did Patchett do this A seemingly horrifying event turned into a mystical one Where lines of good vs evil are blurred Where time is suspended.It s a birthday party gala in South America The guest of honour, a powerful Japanese figurehead, almost didn t make

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    This is one of my top five favorite books Bel Canto made me a devoted Patchett fan, although her other work hasn t quite stood up to the high expectations this one set for her Just to set the scene, I read this book while on a three week trip through Europe Travelling b

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    How could a wanna read bad TBR turn into a sorry ass DNF WTF DNF OMG WTF Who AM I I finish every book I start, yet I did not finish this one And I LOVE Ann Patchett Her State of Wonder is one of my all time favorite books What the fuck is going on DNF I m having a serious crisis

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    1.5 overwrought, stereotypical, ridiculous stars 2015 Most Disappointing Read Award tie Of all the books on my reading list, Bel Canto was one that I was most looking forward to You see after my faith and my loved ones the thing I most adore is Opera Opera has been my passion, my solace, m

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    To me, this book is luminous Glorious Magnificent Perfect Well, almost perfect I ll explain in a moment I first read Bel Canto in 2005, and I was so absorbed in the story that I would sneak away from my desk at work just to have a few precious moments with it The story opens with a renowned opera si

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    Men of great importance were held hostage with a soprano Until they realized how trivial their existences have been to the world and the world s to them Men of different countries, men of different taste and language shut their eyes to the same beauty Terrorists with gun earned sympathy worshipping that beaut

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    Bel Canto, Ann Patchett 1395 373 9786003261853 21 Bel Canto, Ann Patchett 1395 373 9786003261853 21

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