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Belong to Me Si el anterior ya me pareci un ufff en toda regla, este Qu poco cre ble, qu inconsistente y de telefilm de cuarta todo Aunque ellos como pareja me parecen mejores que los del libro anterior, por decir algo bueno. 5 stars With an opening line such as this, I knew that Logan would capture my heart THWACK Logan Edgington smacked the submissive s reddening ass in time with the dark beat of the old school Depeche Mode tunes pounding through his dungeon at Club Dominion Clenching his jaw, he curled his palm into a fist, ten shook out the sting.When we last saw Logan in Surrender to Me, he was the tortured younger brother of Hunter, the one with the sexual hang ups During five years of self imposed celibacy, Logan exercises his needs at Club Dominion, a BDSM private club where subs come to him to be dominated, hoping to be the special one that ends his string of lonely nights Black dives straight into Logan s backstory, showing a sixteen year old Logan falling in love for the first time with a sweet redhead named Tara Jacobs With his mother s murder looming over his shoulders and threats to harm Tara if he stays close to her, young Logan gives up his heart to save Tara s life.Hit the fast forward button and twelve years later, Logan finds the sassy redhead in his territory Tara is now an FBI agent going on he She S Undercover And In Over Her Head When FBI Analyst Tara Jacobs S Fellow Agent And Best Friend Goes Missing While Investigating A Sex Ring, Tara Goes Undercover As A Submissive In A Dallas BDSM Club Called Dominion But No Man Can Top A Woman With Tara S Moxie Convincingly Enough Until An Edgy, Dangerous Dom Takes Control Of The Scene And Sets Her Heart Racing With A Single, Commanding Glance Too Bad He S Also The Man Who Stole Her Innocence Years Ago And One To Whom She Will Never Submit.He S Got Everything Under Control Until He Falls For Her Again.Navy SEAL Logan Edgington Once Left The Woman He Loved To Save Her Life He Knows Tara Will Never Forgive Him, But He Has No Doubt That He Possesses The Knowledge To Help Her Master Her Fears And The Strength To Guide Her Through An Unfamiliar World Of Pleasure And Pain He Alone Can Protect Her On A Dangerous Mission That Reveals Both Wicked Depravities And Terrible Secrets Logan Relishes The Exquisite Torture Of Holding Her Again And Feeling Her Uninhibited Response No Matter How Much Tara Insists Their Fling Will End After This Mission, He S Determined That She Will Be His Once And This Time, He Ll Never Let Her Go. 3 4 stars BDSM Erotic Romantic SuspenseI m really disappointed to say this, but the Wicked Lovers series has fizzled out a bit and lost some steam with me Although I liked this and it s infinitely better than Surrender to Me, it still wasn t near the level of the first two books, Wicked Ties and Decadent Or maybe I just wasn t in the right mood for it Hmmmnot sure, but here are some random thoughts.The H h I liked Logan, but his obsession, oh I m sorryenduring loveeye roll , with hisCherrywas a little fanciful and ridiculous at times I mean come on, view spoiler she was only sixteen when they were together, which is a little creepy in it This is book 5 in theWicked Loversseries.This is the hottest book in this series I think out of all the books in this series this is my favorite one Logan loved Tara and he would have did anything to keep her safe This book had some of everything in it murder mystery and it also had love and a dominate man will to do anything to make the person he love see it I love this book Logan is a dominant who is on a self imposed sex band because he is unable to get over his high school girl friend that he had to break up with because of a threat to her life Tara who is now a FBI agent, is working a sex slave auction case Apparently while working undercover as a Submissive a female agent has gone missing Tara and her partner need to be trained in all phases of the BDSM world Logan is a bit apprehensive but completely willing to put Tara through her paces Seeing Logan again after all these years sets Tara on edge However she can t completely deny the attraction that is still there When Tara s partner can t cut it as her Dom Logan is drafted for the job While training with Logan Tara finds all the walls that she had built up slowly coming down She is no wilting flower and is ready willing and able to do whatever is necessary to succeed at this assignment her first one in the field Logan couldn t be happier to have another shot at Tara He has to make her understand all the reasons behind his sudden departure from her life After getting a lead 2 9 2013 I received a comment on my review on Another site that this book is now 13 I m not surprised that Penguin has decided to raise the price of this e book by 3 because of a little something I call Pe This review was posted at Under The CoversSensual Erotic Sinful Wicked. This book is all that and then some Ms Black met and exceeded all my expectations of Logan Edgington a.k.a MY future husband And let me tell you, they were pretty high.From the first page this book grabbed my attention and didn t lose it Well, with the occasional required break for food or sleep that is But of course, even then, all I could think about was Logan all I would dream about was Logan And how could I not The man is perfect He is seriously everything I want The beautiful blue eyes, the Dom voice, the lickable tats, the maddening skills this man has to twist a woman around his finger I would be at his feet Watch out Jack Cole, there s a new Dom in town and I think I can safely say that if I had my choice, I d want Logan gasp Yes Ladies and well ladies, Jack Cole has been dethroned Logan will make your toe curls, your body tingle, and your eyes roll back And leave you begging for.And don t let his intense Dom persona fool you, there s a big softie in there as well I love that He is a man in love who will do anything, give up everything and even risk his life for the ONE woman he s always loved And he shows it, he s not afraid to say how he feels and to make his woman know that she is cherished.And speaking of that one woman, Tara, or as Very dissapointed with this book It s books like this, that give woman the false impression that anyone can be a Dom Doms are different men Cant write for female doms But Logan even though he has ten years experience, needed to step back on this one What he went through is actually true, not all doms have sex with there subs Its about alot then sex He thought the entire time with his dick Doms do not Doms are men who study and have studied woman for many years Almost an obsession Wanting to delve into the female mindset Not necessarily her panties A Dom at least from the good ones spends alot of time asking questions When Thorne handed Tara over a file would have been handed over as well First few interviews are done clothed and alot of questions are asked And no, a Sub doesn t start out naked The Dom needs time to figure out her wardrobe I tried to keep in mind that they had limited time But she could have been trained without the sex, or the nudity Plus a Dom at least a responsible one would not have thrown together something He should have spent time writing or thinking out scenarios SAFETY is sacrosanct Did they check her arms, wrists, ankles to see if the ties were going wrong while they played sex games with her no Too busy playing sex games That Despite the heavy BDSM theme not really my cuppa , I rather enjoyed this book especially after they left the hero s dungeon or training room.Logan Edgington is a Navy SEAL on leave for a few weeks While on leave he likes to spend time at Dallas s private BDSM club, Dominion He s a Dom and he likes his women submissive Logan hasn t had sex for the last 5 years he s been hung up over his high school love Tara or Cherry , as he likes to call her So while he may be playing at Club Dominion, he s not going all the way with his subs he leaves that to his clean up man and good buddy, Xander this guy needs a book of his own Logan Twelve years ago, 16 year old Tara Jacobs was living a dreamwhich then ended in a nightmare Studious Tara was dating high school jock Logan, and she had just surrendered her virginity to him All was right in her world, until Logan s mother was killed, and then he pushed Tara away, breaking her young heart She never got over their breakup, feeling humiliated and angered Years passed, Tara moved on and became an FBI agent to please her stepfather retired agent , and tried to put Logan out of her mind She even 6 HAWT in training starsHoly shit well, what other books from this series didn t do for me, this one pulled it off just fine and hello, Loganmy Chesire cat grin is back on I can t help it won t say much further but I ll give a full display on what s going on through my head after reading this by Adam Lambert s song For your entertainmentSo hot out of the box, Can we pick up the pace Turn it up, heat it up, I need to be entertained Push the limit, are you with it Baby don t be afraid, Imma hurt you real good babyLet s go it s my show, baby, do what I sayDon t trip off the glitz that I m gonna displayI told you, Imma hold ya down until you re amazedGive it to ya til you re screamin my nameNo escaping when I start, Once I m in I own your heartThere s no way you ll ring the alarm, So hold on until it s overOh Do you know what you got into, Can you handle what I m bout to do Cause it s about to get rough for you, I m here for your entertainment Oh I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet, You thought an angel swept you off your feetBut I m about to turn up the heat, I m here for your entertainment Sall right, You ll be fineBaby I m in controlTake the pain, Take the pl

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