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BLAI2E: Blaire Part 2 (Dark Romance Series) (English Edition) Part In The Highly Anticipated Dark Romance Series InternationalBestseller T Take What Isnt YoursUnless Youre Willing To Fight For ItI Survived My Depraved Master, Maksim Now, I Belong To Charlie Decena, By Nature And By Nurture He Broke Everything I Believed InMy Life Still Lingers In The Gray Zone Dark And Light, Love And Hate, Betrayal And MurderIm Battling Maksims Brutal Conditioning To Uncover Who Blaire Is, For Charlie I Adhere To His Counsel, Indulge In His Debauched Desires, And Pacify His Dominance Until He Pushes Me Too FarI Hope I Didnt Completely Shatter Your Heart In The Beginning Of My Story Because Its Just Getting Started Im Being Tested Beyond My Limit By A Lurking Threat Who Has Taken Something Very Dear To Me And If They Dont Return What Isnt Theirs, Someone Is Going To Die

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