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Bluebeard's Egg and Other Stories By Turns Humorous And Warm, Stark And Frightening, Bluebeard S Egg Infuses A Canada Of The 1940s, 50s And 80s With Glowing Childhood Memories, The Harsh Realities Of Parents Growing Old, And The Casual Cruelty That Men And Women Inflict On Each Other Here Is The Familiar Outer World Of Family Summers At Remote Lakes, Winters Of Political Activism, And Seasons Of Exotic Friends, Mudane Lives And Unexpected Loves But Here Too Is The Inner World Of Hidden Places And All That Emerges From Them The Intimately Personal, The Fantastic And The Shockingly Realwhether It S What Lies In A Mysterious Locked Room Or In The Secret Feelings We All Conceal From The Paperback Edition.

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    If someone were to ask me to encapsulate Margaret Atwood s writing style in three sentences or less, I would show them the first two lines of the first story in Bluebeard s Egg When my mother was very small, someone gave her a basket of baby chicks for Easter They all

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    How I saw Sex And The City 2 after reading Bluebeard s EggCarrie wonders why she s so unhappy She s spent her life pursuing excess, and now she s acquired everything on her list She s a famous writer She shares a beautiful apartment in the best part of Manhattan

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    I enjoyed all of these short stories And I m so happy to be able to write that, because the last few short story collections I ve read, have been quite disappointing, with just one or two stories each that was really good But Atwood gives you quality all the way.Her short stor

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    No short story collections for me If I m going to read a short story or a novella I m going to cherry pick them and not read the whole book , ie I have The birds and other stories by Daphne Du Maurier, I m only going to read The birds I think my problem with them is that they

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    I have only read the short story BlueBeard s Egg so far, here is what I thought Within the pages of BlueBeard s Egg by Margaret Atwood we are introduced into a world of metafiction and intertexuality Atwood spins the retelling of the fairytale of BlueBeard s Egg for the reader A

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    There was once a request for a day s absence from office that went like this My wife delivered baby As I am the only father, I request you to declare holiday today This at a moment of insane happiness is what a father wrote to his boss asking for a day off What should id

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    3.5 stars not as strong as Wilderness Tips or Stone Mattress in my opinion, but still solid Atwood

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    Point me to the nearest Lesbian Separatist Feminist Commune, will you What a lot of heterosexual angst this book has The male characters are cads and the women are in love with them and unhappy I realize this is a book of its time, and the stories are about realistic ...

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    This collection of short stories has come to represent comfort reads to me Many of them feel quite autobiographical and realistic, with contemplative notes Included are musings on her parents, her childhood, motherho...

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    Loved the final story, but regarding the whole collection, I m coming to the conclusion that I don t get along with realistic fiction short stories.

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