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Boazs Wager (Montana Collection, Book 2) What Boaz Grady Wants Than Anything Else Is To Have His Children Living With Him But In Order To Get Them Back, He Needs To Marry A Woman Who Ll Be Their Mother Eva Connealy Left Omaha, Nebraska To Be A School Teacher While In Montana, Her Stagecoach Is Attacked, And The Men Decide To Sell Her While The Men In Lewistown Post Bids For Her, Boaz Makes A Wager Of His Own And Wins The Right To Marry Her Despite The Shaky Beginning, Boaz Is Sure She Ll Adjust To Her New Life As His Children S Mother But She Wants To Be Than A Mother She Also Wants To Be A Wife And Vows To Figure Out How To Take Their Marriage Of Convenience Into Something Much, Much.

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    Wow, what a monumental waste of time I didn t despise this book the way I have some others I ve read, but I couldn t find anything to like about it, either The writing is trite and smarmy, the characters are all one dimensional, there s no real tension to keep the reader hooked, and the plot is thinner than cheesecloth There are inconsistencies that showcase the author s

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    I find it a bit boring but it was not long winded and irksome.

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    Boaz s Wager by Ruth Ann NordinMontana Romance Collection Book 2Eva Connealy was heading to Montana to be a schoolteacher Her former student Rachel Larson was going as a mail order bride Suddenly a stage robbery changed both of their plans The robbers weren t able to get money so they decided to go to a town lacking in women and auction them off, like measly cattle that had no cho

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    Opens with Eva Connealy and Rachel Larson on their way to Montana Eva is to be a school teacher in Circle and Rachel, Issac s sister the one who married Emily Craftsman, is going to be a mail order bride in Jordan Well their plans get changed when their stagecoach is highjacked and the men decide to sell them to the highest bidder Not what I was expecting Not usually read so much of wh

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    Lightning doesn t strike twice in the same placeThat s what I told my former brother in law when his second wife was pregnant, because while it s muchof a rarity these days, women still die in childbirth and my sister was one of them Yet he and I both were on pins and needles until she gave birth So I was really able to relate to this story, and to understand Boaz s tremendous fear It was h

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    I like the fact that we were able to see how rachel was doing at the same time, thanks to that we did not get bored at all I really liked the story wich was well structured Eva the high and proper teacher finally learned that there was much to life than bri...

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    Another great book from Ms Nordin This is the second of the Montana Romance series Each of the author s characters are believable, ordinary people that we would want as neighbors and friends The story moves smoothly throughout the book and had me r...

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    I m sorry to say that this is the only book I don t like from the author It s slow and it doesn t fell like the two main characters have any chemistry through the whole book Their love grow, but still no chemistry from both parties.

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    Easy read Sweet little spicy at end with sex.

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