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Successful Rancher Trace Armstrong Has Made His Mark As A Man So What S Throwing The Lanky Texan A Rough, Tough, Sexy As Sin Cowgirl His Head Wrangler Jo Atchison Is A Cocksure Ex Marine, And She S Aiming To Corral Her Bossright Into Her Bed Trace Knows He Should Put Business Before Pleasurebut When Jo Slides Into Her Chaps, All He Wants To Do Is Take Her On A Long, Sweaty Ride They Both Know That This Is Than Just A Hot Roll In The Hay It S A Battle Of Wills And One Of Them Is Going To End Up Branded Heart, Soul And Very Willing Flesh. Branded (Harlequin Blaze, #471)

About the Author: Tori Carrington

Author Tori Carrington is the penname of husband and wife writing team Lori and Tony Karayianni.Hands down, penning a bio is always the most difficult writing challenge we take on What do we say What do we keep a secret Considering we ve been writing together for over twenty two yearswell, that reveals about us than anything you ll likely read here We re fiction writers simply because

10 thoughts on “Branded (Harlequin Blaze, #471)

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    Loved the ranch setting with a sexy Texas cowboy Definitely a steamy romance.

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    this was one of my favorite harlequin blaze romances i have readI love cowboy books and romance and this one had it all and it wasa great story.

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    This was my first Toni Carrington book and an HQN Blaze Trace Armstrong owns a spread in Texas He s a good looking, strong guy, who is pretty much focused completely on work Jo Atchison is an ex Marine who decides to take a job at the Armstrong ranch

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    Pin on Pinterest Honestly I m not sure how to review series romances because of how trope specific they can be I ve read and book buffeted a few , most of which were Presents that I heavily side eyed So that was my litmus test with this How much side eye

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    Good strong characters, both of them The side stories didn t distract, but made it like real life, where romance and a budding relationship aren t the end all and be all of day to day life.I wonder if the other chara...

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    For the record 1 This book was a gift, 2 I only have 5 books in my apartment one of which is how to raise ferrets , and 3 apparently I m not old enough to get a library card in Bakersfield So yes, I read this book cover to cover It is very silly And I now own

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    I thought it was alright The story development seemed a little rushed to me and I think I needed that development to justify the relationship The charachters are intruiging though they seem rather underdeveloped to me too.

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