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Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye BabyOnce again from Fiona McIntosh, an enjoyable read that you won t want to put down until you finish.Dashing DCI Jack Hawksworth is tasked to lead a criminal investigation that leads to a serial killer who drugs and mutilates his victims in the most shocking way The male victims die with blue paint on their faces, what is the significance of this Time is running out to piece the clues together before another life is lost.Could an unbelievably shocking crime committed 30 years before be a connection It s strange that I emphasise with a serial killer but I found myself hoping the killer wouldn t be caught I can t wait to read the 2nd in the Jack Hawksworth series Beautiful Death. I bought this book expecting a British crime detective story For me it had too much concentration on how good looking the main character was and how his two female co workers kept getting distracted by how good looking he was Then one of the co workers admitted to him how infatuated she was with him, had a fight with her fiance about this who then stalked the main character to confront him about this , even the plot line was tied in to how good looking Jack was I will say that the plot had good points rather graphic for a romantic crime drama but showed promise For those who like crime novels with a romantic story line, I would recommend it For those looking for a true British crime mystery give this one a miss. It All Began In Brighton Now There Is A Killer On The Loose Scotland Yard S Brightest Talent Is Chosen To Head Up The High Profile Taskforce, A DCI Who Must Confront His Own Past As The Body Count RisesThere Are Few Leads And Jack Hawksworth Can Only Fall Back On Instinct And Decades Old Cold Cases For Any Clue To The Killer S Motive And IdentityWith His Most Loyal Team Member Threatening To Betray Him, A Chief Inspector Pushing For Results, A Hungry British Media Clamouring For Information, And A Restless Public Eager For A Conviction, The High Pressure Operation Can Only End In A Final Shocking Confrontation oh this is such a good book I took it to work and read it during my breaks rather than having coffee and talking to people it s that good A grisly murder is committed in the opening pages of the book Bye Bye Baby It s a story written by Fiona McIntosh and first released under her pseudonym, Lauren Crow, in 2007 I imagine the book, and others in an evident series, are likely to do well in their re release thanks to the McIntosh name and the faithful following I know she has now established.That initial murder sounds like a revenge killing which, in fact, it is, and it s not long before we are introduced to the killer, although at least one other suspect makes a brief appearance early on When a second, almost identical killing takes place in a different city a few weeks after the first, police begin to suspect a serial killer It s unlikely to be a copycat because specifics of the first case were never released.An up and coming DCI, the tall, dapper Jack Hawksworth, is put in charge of the investigation, establishing a quality team under him, including DI Kate Carter and bright young DS Sarah Jones The plot is lengthy but not especially long drawn out even though, at 500 odd pages, it is no brief tale Despite it appearing close to a conclusion by about the half way mark, it draws the reader further in as new twists open and eventually reaches a crescendo in just the last few pages.Overall, it s a detective thriller that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat, and yet I m only giving it a nominal 3.5 star rating The two senior officers who lead the case have their good points especially the woman s intuition displayed by Kate Carter but I think if I were their Super or Commander I d be having quite a chat with them about their loose lips I was never able to feel close to them, with both at times quite petulant Still, I assume this is done with a purpose and likely essential to their future relationship as the series progresses.A good read, overall, and I m sure the re issue will be a great success. Really enjoyed this book as a beach holiday read The story involves a couple of gruesome murders, romantic angst etc The dashing English hero is DCI Jack Hawksworth who must solve the murder mysteries and time is running out as the bodies pile up Interesting storyline, strong characters with a couple of annoying ones as well Pace was good,plot interesting and overall a great whodunit. I am exhausted and it s all Fiona McIntosh s fault My aunt suggested readingBye Bye Babyby Ms McIntosh knowing my love for good detective stories She said it was easy to read, well written and almost felt like you were watching a TV show movie unfold as you read And she was right It was wonderful from the first page I was hooked Then I read a truly disturbing scene integral to the book I thought she wouldn t go there, would she She can t But Ms McIntosh most certainly did And at 2 o clock in the morning when I had finished reading that part I had then watch Facebook videos for two hours before I could fall asleep the scene was so vividly disturbing I vowed not to read any further Yet the next night I found myself still reading at 1 30am The next night 2am And every night until finally last night in the early hours I finished Oh, I loved it I can t remember the last time a book had me up reading consecutive nights into the early hours One chapter became my mantra And thanks to Kindle, I was able to purchase the next book in the series,Beautiful Death .As a side note as I was telling my colleague why I was so dreadfully sleepy at work, she told me she was having the same experience but with a book calledThe Pearl ThiefWhen she finished her book in the wee hours, she discovered it was by the same author We were both mesmerised, reading on and on as the hours passed, different books by the same author.Fiona McIntosh Well done I loved this book. I have been a fan of Australian author Fiona McIntosh for some time and have read most of her books This is her first book in her DCI Jack Hawksworth crime series I am loving it and can t wait to read the next one in the crime series with DCI Jack Hawksworth BEAUTIFUL DEATHA devastating crime, and the ultimate revengeA spate of seemingly unconnected murders in southern England prompt a high profile taskforce to be formed and led by DCI Jack Hawksworth, one of the Force s new rising stars who combines modern methods with old school instincts.The victims appear as disparate as their style of death the only link that Hawk and his team can pull together is that the murdered are all men of an identical age The taskforce has nothing but cold cases of decades past to comb through in the hope that they might find a clue to who is behind the savagery.A heart stopping tale of brutal revenge with a chilling twist I am aching for books in these series.It s one of those rare stories when you do not really label anyone as clearly good or bad.It s one where you love all of the characters and hate them as well.It s a heart wrenching story as well as a good suspenseRead on,Fiona, write on In separate parts of England two bodies have been found both of them horribly mutilated, ritually humiliated but strangely, it seems, most of the worst of the atrocities are committed after the men were heavily drugged Aside from the method, which indicates a single killer, there s precious little obvious connection between these two victims, and Scotland Yard is called in to take over the investigation DCI Jack Hawksworth is put in charge of the investigation, despite an horrendous outcome in his last case He puts together a team of investigators many of whom he has worked with before DI Kate Carter is smart, ambitious, attractive and excited to be included in that team Sure she has always found herself attracted to Hawk, but they have worked together before, and she s now engaged and planning her wedding Surely they can work together Meanwhile the killer they seek is after vengeance for crimes past and it is not until Hawk and his team can work that out, that they have a chance of stopping the deaths.BYE BYE BABY is the first crime novel by well known Australian Fantasy author Fiona McIntosh, which makes the reading of this supposedly debut novel make a lot sense There s an aplomb about the structure of the story and accomplishment to the writing that can sometimes be less obvious in a debut novel There s also some elements in BYE BYE BABY that did stand out as the mark of a debut crime novelist This dichotomy makes reviewing this book quite a challenge There s a bit of tweaking of common crime fiction cliches in BYE BYE BABY Jack Hawksworth is the gorgeous, much coveted DCI haunted by romantic attachments in the past and the death of a policeman in his last case these events still threaten his career He is counseled by his senior officers to take care in his relationships with his new team especially put together to track down this killer Kate Carter is attractive in her own right, but she s finding herself questioning her own marriage plans and increasingly feeling attracted to Jack and cannot control jealous reactions when he is encouraging of the younger, female DS in their team There s also the source of the original crime the event that triggered this killer s reactions and the killer themselves Suffice to say there s a twist in there that you can see coming pretty early in the book There are quite a few elements to the plot that are revealed to the reader much earlier than the police come across the detail which sort of gives the reader a bit of a pantomime feeling you sort of find yourself wanting to yell he s behind you or the literary equivalent at points throughout the book There is also some interesting characterisations going on there are points in this book that I sincerely disliked every single person police, victims, killer, families and all There were other points when it was possible to empathise, to understand but most of the time you weren t too sure whose side you were on.What s really interesting was that you d think that some the clunky plot elements, some of the romantic tension, the angst over personal lives, the almost voyeuristic feeling that the reader has in knowing what s going on a long time before the police work it out would detract considerably from the book But it doesn t totally turn you off The aplomb of the writing, the tension of the story and the plot, the compassion you can feel for the killer keeps the reader occupied and engaged and just ever so slightly conflicted about what is really justice The final twist ending was, to tell the truth, hard to decide on Was it intriguing, and in a strange way, a form of ultimate justice, or was it a convenient cop out a desire by the author to throw that final massive twist the reader s way It s one of those endings that some readers are going to hate, and others are going to like.

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Fiona writes best selling historical adventure romance alongside the heroic romantic, often brutal, fantasy she built her career upon She lives in Australia but frequently roams the world meticulously researching the locations and gathering material for her historical novels that have international settings Her books are published worldwide and in various languages Her most recent historical fi

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