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Lily and Nash have been carrying on a secret affair Lily has been starring in a movie on the estate that s owned by the man they are filming about If you have read the previous 2 books in this series you are familiar with all that but for this story we focus on one of the stars and a seeming great guy who just happens to be a stable hand Except he is not just a great guy and a stable hand Nash James is not who he says he is He s got other reasons for being there Already fighting his feelings for Lily then then the one thing that comes out of her mouth that changes everything I m pregnant Now he has to figure out how to keep her and keep his secrets Oh my gosh This is my fav of the three books You can tell Nash who isn t really Nash is stuck He wants to do the right thing but so much is going on in his head he can t quite sort through everything fast enough to kee For me Nash and Lily were the culmination of a wonderful series Their story had me intrigued from page one There were secrets and babies and horses and secrets all woven into a wonderful story Jules Bennett give us such a heartwarming yet heartbreaking story at the same time The Passion and love story of Nash and Lily was what great romance books are all about And the end I never saw it coming She made grab for my Kleenex, it was such a fantastic way to put Carrying the Lost Heir s Child by Jules Bennett is the final book in The Barrington Trilogy and can be easily read as a standalone.This was a well written romance with a adorable epilogue which wrapped up the the whole series quite nicely Nash is a man with secrets and I liked how well he took the news of Lily s impending pregnancy He was responsible and faced the consequences of his actions head on and this is what I liked about him Lily is a strong,independent heroine who does not like secrets and rightly so Nash needed her strength to face the things he had set in motion and I loved how she stood by him throughout They were rightly matched and their chemistry was incredible because it went beyond the physical.The romance was passionate with some really good moments which were definitely swoon worthy My only complaint was the lack of drama in res This book was part of the, The Barrington Trilogy But I enjoyed reading it as a standalone I didn t know it was part of a series until after I had finished reading it I never felt lost, or anything.I found this book to be emotional, and sweet It had secrets, lies, and deception I found in this story the lies and deception was for a good reason, and all the pieces fell into place by the end of the book Lily is on set, filming a movie She falls for Nash a handsome groomsman The two share a steamy affair, that involves making out in barns, and rolling around in the hay The affair was never suppose to be forever That all changed when Lily found out she was pregnant The feelings the two shared between one another grew I loved how attentive, and caring Nash was when it came to Lily The deception involved the story around Carrying The Lost Heir S Child Kindle Epub Author Jules Bennett Capitalsoftworks.co.uk I M Pregnant Two Words That Will Rock One Man S World Forever On Location For A Film About A Horse Racing Dynasty, Lily Beaumont Is Drawn Into A Sizzling Affair With Sexy Stablehand Nash James Now She Has To Trust Him With The Truth About Their Baby Even Though The Undercover Millionaire Is On A Mission Against His Hated Rival, He Won T Walk Away From Lily Or Their Unborn Child It Will Mean Coming Clean About His True Identity And The Decades Old Secret That Brought Him To Kentucky Horse Country But Will The Truth Cost Him The Woman And Family He Now Craves I cared for this book less than the other two It was pretty fair but certainly didn t wow me I feel the way the hero spied on his family and lied about who he was could have been handled in a mature manner. Let me first just say, Nash yum This is a cute story and enjoyable read The plot is engaging, and the characters are easy to like and relate to Lily is a movie star, shooting a film on a historic estate, known for its horse stock While on location, she starts a secret affair with Nash, one of the grooms It s nothing but fire and passion, and not a whole lot of talking or getting to know each other However, when Lily ends up pregnant, they are forced to re evaluate the future Lily seems to be a lot open to exploring a relationship than Nash Nash fights it a little harder against the idea, mostly due to the fact that he is harboring a huge secret about his true identity On top of his unease at having this secret, he seems to be conflicted about whether or not he s even interested in a future relationship with Lily Despite that, he is determined to be a large and permanent structure in his child s life The way he seems so oblivious to the fact that he and Lily could build upon their physical relationship did get on my nerves I would have liked to see him come around to that conclusion a little quicker Not necessarily to recognize that he loves her, but to at least see the fact that they are compatible and could build a future together Lily is pretty open to the idea and see s fairly quickly that there could be something Posted on What I m ReadingWe have finally come to the conclusion of the Barrington Trilogy It has been enjoyable from the first book, but now we have to come to find out who Nash When I started the trilogy the first thing that popped in my mind when I was reading When Opposites Attract watch Nash be related to the Barringtons The next thought was he s probably the secret love child of Damon and the housekeeper Okay, I was way off on that one, but he s related to Damon Anyway, Nash has been plotting to see if he could get a horse from Damon He s been trying to get this horse for sometime, but under a different name Damon and Nash have been rivals for sometime, but didn t know they were related Isn t that a kicker Everything is going according to plan until Lily drops the pregnancy bombshell, and Nash slowly develops a conscious Okay, I wasn t expecting to get emotionally involved with Carrying the Lost Heir s Child At first, you see Nash trying to figure out to keep everything together without revealing too much He wasn t expecting to fall hard for Lily, so the lying to her has been eating at h Nash is a young man who has come to work on the Barrington s ranch as a groom The Barrington s are a very well known horse racing family and done very well with their legacy They have done so well that the movie industry is making a movie of their lives Lily is a young actor who is cast as the role of Rose, mom Barrington Lily never expected to fall in love with and have a affair with the groom on the ranch Nash has swept Lily off of her feet and he also never expected to fall in love while working for the Barrington s because he had a hidden agenda Nash is at the ranch for other reason s besides just work but no one has figured out who he really is Nash and Lily have their affair and before you know it, Lily comes up pregnant Neither one of them had thought about a long term relationship because they both figured that once the movie wrapped up, they would go back to their lives and just count what they had been doing as an affair Well, with a baby in the picture it changes the game The back and forth of both of the characters in this book has you hanging on the edge to know what is going to happen between these two Nash and Lily have a lot of self discoveries and coming out with the truth that ends up bringing them closer together Nash and Lily end up going through some of the same emotions in a relationship that we all have experienced at some point I am sure.This story has a HEA and I am so glad that it does I love the Barrington Famil When I first met Nash in Single Man Meets Single Mom I thought he was, well, a little creepy I kept waiting for him to jump off the page at me He jumped off the page alrightin Carrying the Lost Heir s Child and he certainly wasn t who I thought he was And he wasn t who actress Lily Beaumont thought he was either She thought she was having a quiet affair with the stable hand, but what she ended up with surprised her and the entire Barrington family Lily found herself in love, pregnant, and wading through the secrets of Nash James Could this love survive all the lies Nash didn t plan on falling in love with the beautiful actress He had come to the Barrington Farm with a very specific agendato meet the father he never knew, family patriarch Damon Barrington You know, you ve met him in the previous Barrington Series books Nash wasn t exactly upfront about his identity as a wealthy man in his own right, and he was getting deeper and deeper in his cover up to learn about his sisters and father And there was the little plan to add the much coveted Barrington h Carrying the Lost Heir's Child

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