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Cash: The Autobiography of Johnny Cash He Was The Man In Black, A Country Music Legend, And The Quintessential American Troubadour He Was An Icon Of Rugged Individualism Who Had Been To Hell And Back, Telling The Tale As Never Before In His Unforgettable Autobiography, Johnny Cash Tells The Truth About The Highs And Lows, The Struggles And Hard Won Triumphs, And The People Who Shaped HimIn His Own Words, Cash Set The Record Straight And Dispelled A Few Myths As He Looked Unsparingly At His Remarkable Life From The Joys Of His Boyhood In Dyess, Arkansas To Superstardom In Nashville, Tennessee, The Road Of Cash S Life Has Been Anything But Smooth Cash Writes Of The Thrill Of Playing With Elvis, The Comfort Of Praying With Billy Graham Of His Battles With Addiction And Of The Devotion Of His Wife, June Of His Gratitude For Life, And Of His Thoughts On What The Afterlife May Bring Here, Too, Are The Friends Of A Lifetime, Including Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, And Kris Kristofferson As Powerful And Memorable As One Of His Classic Songs, Cash Is Filled With The Candor, Wit, And Wisdom Of A Man Who Truly Walked The Line If you like even one of his songs, this book is worth reading If you don t like any of his songs, shame on you. Really enjoyed this.Learned alot. I read this book because the main character in High Fidelity says that it is his favorite book but I don t know how that could be true Some of the stories in it were slightly interesting but there was no overall story and most of the book was listing off people Cash knew in his life He describes his many properties and even tells of the hardships his children encountered trying to make it in the entertainment industry because of their famous father, neglecting the fact that they were given tremendous opportunities because of this fact In the end, I got sick of hearing about Jesus from a drug addict that clearly cheated on all of his wives I love his music and will continue to do so but i was not impressed by this book. In the movie High Fidelity, the main character is talking about the well known books he has read and then concludes with, But I have to say my all time favorite book is Johnny Cash s autobiography, Cash by Johnny Cash This line in this movie is the sole reason I first decided to read this book It captured me almost immediately as Cash describes growing up poor in the South and picking cotton His life story is incredible and told with all the beauty and lyrical language that made him a great song writer This book provides insight not just into Cash s life but gives a glimpse at different periods in recent American history An amazing life, full of hardship, myth, love and beauty, I felt privileged to have this glimpse that Cash gives with such honesty I have read this book twice all the way through, and I am not sure I can say that for any other biography or autobiography.

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