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Cast in Oblivion (The Chronicles of Elantra, #14) PDF Epub Cast In Oblivion The Chronicles Of Elantra, 14 By Michelle Sagara Tanitiyor.us POLITICS ARE HELLKaylin Wasn T Sent To The West March To Start A War Her Mission To Bring Back Nine Barrani Might Do Just That, Though She Traveled With A Dragon, And Her Presence Is Perceived As An Act Of Aggression In The Extremely Hostile World Of Barrani Dragon Politics Internal Barrani Politics Are No Less Deadly, And Kaylin Has Managed Barely To Help The Rescued Barrani Evade Both Death And Captivity At The Hands Of The Consort.Before The Unplanned Visit To The West March, Kaylin Invited The Consort To Dinner For Obvious Reasons, Kaylin Wants To Cancel Dinner Forever But The Consort Is Going To Show Up At The Front Door At The Agreed Upon Time The Fact That She Tried To Imprison Kaylin S Guests Doesn T Matter At All To Her.A Private Barrani Hell, Built Of Shadow And Malice, Exists Beneath The High Halls It Is The High Court S Duty To Jail The Creature At Its Heart Even If It Means That Barrani Victims Are Locked In The Cage With It The Consort Is Willing To Do Almost Anything To Free The Trapped And End Their Eternal Torment And She Needs The Help Of Kaylin S Houseguests And Kaylin Herself Failure Won T Be Death It S Hell And That S Where Kaylin Is Going. Need to ReviewNote There were a few moments when I argued at the book I know It s silly You can t argue with a book but I did This series is one where I can safely say that I ll wait till the end to see how I feel Those parts where I argued with the book I ll pr WARNING This rant is a personal opinion.As you can see from my review on book 1 I wrote a few months ago, I m a huge fan of the series, but that doesn t mean I don t get annoyed after 14 books Back to the review Repetition there was a lot of it It was the wrong kind of repetition To the point where we lose the identity of the character as they are all saying the same or similar sentences throughout the 14 books.Infro dump a lot A lot of info dump It made Gergana very mad In all senses of the word.Logic who needs it, when you have magic that fixes everything when the plot is stuck for 9 hours The author does try to provide us with logic about the world and magic that, sadly, is still illogical to Gergana Maybe Gergana is just stupid It is a possibility Yes, there were many short sentences in this book Fullstops everywhere Characaters so many Gergana is confused, she no longer cares enough to remember all of them Gergana wishes she knew about some of the characters, but the content of the books is mainly infodumps, expositions a I hate everyone who reads this book before me Originally published at Reading RealityThings are like other things The stories we ve read in the past affect how we view the stories we read in the present There was a point in Cast in Oblivion where one of the characters describes Ravellon as the spike that is holding all of the parallel worlds together and I had an OMG moment and realized that Ravellon might be Amber In Roger Zelazny s incredible epic urban fantasy series, beginning with Nine Princes in Amber, Amber is the one true world and all the other worlds, including ours, are mere shadows of it.Ironically, in Elantra, Shadow seems to come out of Ravellon But the analogy might still hold Or hold enough to serve as metaphor Which is an often raised topic in Cast in Oblivion, as so much of what Kaylin experiences is described as being a metaphor She doesn t see the world the way the others in her life and even in her house even the house itself see it And while her metaphors are frequently frustrating to her companions, and often not strictly true, they usually turn out to be right.For select values of right Generally right enough to fix whatever has recently gone wrong even if, or occasionally especially because, Kaylin is at the heart of what went wrong in the first place At least she often feels like it is And that idea, like Kaylin s metaphorical view of her circumstances, Loved reading this book I just love this series so much This book dived into another aspect of Barrani, with the test since the Cohort is taking it So great, and I enjoyed it so much Can t wait for the next book When you are fourteen books into a series, obviously, there is something that you like about the series and has kept you reading book after book I am no exception I love the overall premise and potential of the story I like several of the characters Kaylin, Nightshade, and Mandoran being my top three favorites I find myself liking Hope and Spike a little bit after this book, when previously I found the familiar very annoying I also liked Evarrim, Ynpharion, and Emmerian in this one The world building is well done The overall story continues at a slow build My biggest gripe with this particular book is that over 60% of it is comprised of discussion and introspection Okay now, granted, at this point it s book 14 and I have the grudging expectation that there is going to be a great deal of the main character, Kaylin, navel gazing This author loves to do it The first half of the book is largely a long winded discussion rehashing everything, we as readers, have learned from previous books with a light sprinkling of new information I wanted less telling and doing There are also a few technical word errors that need editing I DID like that Kaylin figures out some things about her abilities as Chosen and can finally understand other things as well Yes, thank you It s about time She also has some brief and, almost but not quite, satisfyin So, I obviously like the series because I m reading book 14, but much of the book felt like a very large info dump We have stuff from the dragon court s background info on the Barrani We have from the Arkon We get from all the people in Kaylin s head.Honestly, very little happens in most of the book.Even though there s a lot of info dump, you definitely can t start here This is all building on things you should already know and people you ve already encountered None of it would make sense without earlier books.I miss her doing active Hawk stuff I miss her doing midnight runs as a midwife I can understand how work can stop although, really Tain, Teela, Kaylin, and Severn are ALL excused from work , but I don t understand how she s suddenly not necessary as a midwife right now I miss Tara.I m frustrated that people think she should figure out the Chosen stuff Audible version.I find Kailyn puerile, in all things if I m honest This book did little to assuage me of that feeling I should disclose this isn t a new feeling I listened to the audible version of this book although the narrator did well, through no fault of her own this book was a monotonous if not prosaic listen However, the alternative is reading it myself I m sure the audible version is the better option All that said, I m invested in the world find the secondary characters interesting I will in all likelihood continue the series My one wish would be the author does away with Kailyn s willfully bovine attitude speeds up the overall arc going forward.Should the character growth continue at the pace of molasses I ll eventually lose interest cut my loses.This reader s ability to look past Kailyn s bovine attitude has an expiration date the author is getting precariously close to that date controversial rant I know many readers feel Kailyn s continuously playing hero is deserving of a promotion respect I d wager to point out Kailyn s treatment is a direct reflection of her attitude She uses her station as an excuse for her ignorance Kailyn has been given every opportunity to move past her self imposed box by the dragons now by the consort herself She refuses to apply herself past learning the very basics to prevent the Hawkes or Emperor embarrassment She doesn t take the lessons seriously As a result of her behavior attitud RTC

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