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Chasing Fire (Colorado High Country, #7; I-Team, #9) For Fans Of Pamela Clare S Acclaimed I Team And Colorado High Country Series An I Team Colorado High Country Crossover NovelFire Chief Eric Hawke Knows It S Only A Matter Of Time Until The Next Big Wildfire He S Done Everything He Can To Prepare His Crews For The Inevitable When High Winds Turn A Small Blaze Into A Raging Crown Fire That Threatens Scarlet Springs, He, Brandon Silver, And The Rest Of Scarlet FD Put Their Lives On The Line To Save The Town And Its Citizens But The One Thing Hawke Hadn T Planned For Was Bureaucratic Red Tape And Waffling From Higher Ups That Could Turn This Crisis Into A Catastrophe When His Requests For Support Go Unheeded, He S Faced With The Prospect Of Watching The Town He Loves Burn To AshesBut Sometimes Help Comes From Unexpected PlacesMarc Hunter, Julian Darcangelo, And Zach McBride Are In The Mountains Above Scarlet Springs For An Interagency Training Exercise When They See A Single Wisp Of Smoke To The West What Begins As A Fun Day Of Playing Cops And Bad Guys Soon Becomes A Battle Against Time, As They Join Forces With Hawke And Members Of The Rocky Mountain Search Rescue Team To Save Friends Trapped By The FireTogether, They Pit Their Strength And Courage Against A Terrifying And Unforgiving Force Of Nature Will It Be Enough Or Will The Ravenous Flames Claim Lives And Leave The People Of Scarlet Springs Forever Scarred There s a quality in this author writing that I don t find in every ones that I read and I read a lot I was so happy when I heard that she was doing a crossover with two of her excellent series the I team suspense romance and the Colorado High Country Contemporary Pamela Clare could have give us fans a story that would be pleasant to read, giving us glimpses of the characters we love so much, in any other days, happy in love, that would have been fine, but she did much better than that She gave us action, danger and the sense of community you can find in both series After all, for those men and women, every day life is saving people, when they re not saving the world p Even knowing how talented this lady is, I was still surprised by how gripping this story was and I was at the edge of my seat all along my reading, feeling the characters pain and worries, afraid for them and almost feeling the heat of the wildfire they try to fight So I guess what I m trying to say is thank you, dear author, for writing such amazing stories and creating these wonderful human being that feels real, no matter how fictional they are I m so grateful for it I have so much love for these characters, I ll never get enough of reading about them You can probably read this book as standalone, but you definitively should look for the other books anyway because you ll meet courageous heroines, and badass, funny and sexy guys So what are you waiting for to meet them 5 The gangs all here Stars Well I started the New Year off with a bang from two of my favorite Colorado gangs Hey look that rhymed lol Anyways this book was pure genius I love both the I Team series and Colorado High Country series So taking current events like the wild fires and two of my favorite series and putting them together in one action packed, heart melting book was like giving all the fan girls and guys a bookgasm Seeing all my favorite past characters as they fight to save lives and the town of Scarlet Springs had my heart racing almost the whole book I don t know if you have read my review on Dead By Midnight An I Team Christmas, but after I read that book the I Team wasn t the only one to suffer from PTSD I swear thinking my Marc was shot had me losing my shit So when Marc and other beloved heroes almost lost their lives in this book I had some really ugly fan girl freak outs After scaring the crap out of my husband and kids by yelling every 20 mins or so OMG Noooooo Please NO NO NONOONONONOOOOOOOOO I had to go into my bedroom with the door closed and read so as not to disturb my family To say this book was action packed is an understatement It was pulse pounding, edge of your seat I loved every freaking minute of it Of course Marc, Julian, Nate, Gabe, Jesse, Eric, Vicki, and Sophie were the shining stars of the book for me Marc Hunter being my all time favorite Pamela Clare hero He is just panty melting delicious Any book with Marc in it will be a hit for me Truly though this book had a great plot After watching and praying as wildfires devastated California it was moving to read a story related to it with a shining light on the everyday heroes that put their lives on the line in these situations I don t know about anyone else but it gave me a look into how hard their jobs are I mean I know they are hard but getting a deeper look into all they do to protect us, all their families go through worrying that they may lose their loved ones, it humbles me And even though this book is a work of fiction, you can tell Pamela Clare did her research This book really was a fangirl dream and if you liked the I Team or Colorado High Country series then this book is a must And if you haven t read them and you are looks for some great Contemporary Romantic Suspense books give them a try. First responders all over Scarlet Springs, Colorado wake to a red alert, warning of expected high winds later in the day Eric Hawke, the town s fire chief, has worked tirelessly to prepare his residents by promoting prevention measures When he sees a small plume of smoke in the distance, Eric mobilizes to investigate and resolve before this turns into a bigger disaster that could threaten the surrounds and the town If you re a fan of the author and the Colorado High Country the I Team series, you will think you ve reached nirvana when reading this story It is a stroke of brilliance to create a crossover story between the two series It has everythingtension, suspense, community and romance Every character has some role, all highly relevant, as the fire grows and rages out of control The beginning lays firm ground for quietly beginning the background tension as you can slowly sense what may be coming There are multiple storylines within the main plot and the transitions are handled skillfully with perfect timing I loved the updates from all the characters almost as much as I did the central story Sometimes the suspense was so tough I had to put the book down to take a much needed breath This story hit every high mark and is just flawless I m leaving out so many details because there s so much I cannot isolate one subplot over another This is the best of both series, offering strong themes around community, resilience, family and honor I loved everything I received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review Holy moly This book was intense I have not read all of the books to both series, but I did recognize quite a few couples This was great in the way that it brought all these books together and lets the reader check in with these couples What was even better is that the storyline will have your heart pumping This scenario is real life To be in the minds of all these characters as they face a situation that is not only scary, but can happen and has happened to real people had me riveted to the pages I was terrified for these characters I was rooting for them to beat back that fire and survive I cried when family members left behind got devastating news and I also rejoiced when they got good news You can t possible read this book and feel nothing Well done Pamela Clare

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