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Chickens in Your Backyard Epub Chickens In Your Backyard Author Gail Damerow Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Your Backyard Can Be The Source Of The Best Eggs And Meat You Ve Ever Tasted The Answer Is Chickens Endearing Birds That Require But A Modest Outlay Of Time, Space And Food.As They Learned To Raise Chickens, Gail Damerow And Rick Luttmann Came To Realize The Need For A Comprehensive But Clear And Nontechnical Guide Their Book Covers All The Basics In A Light And Entertaining Style, From Housing And Feeding Through Incubating, Bringing Up Chicks, Butchering, And Raising Chickens For Show.Throughout The Book, Gail And Rick Express Their Wonder At The Personalities Of Chickens The Role Of Brash Protector Played By Roosters, And The Instinctive Motherliness Of The Hens Given Some Freedom And Attention, These Birds Can Become Much Than The Egg And Meat Machines Of Commercial Hatcheries And Broiler Factories Chickens Provide Backyard Farmers With Enjoyable Pastime, As Well As A Supply Of Good Food.

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    If you have been keeping hens for a while, this would all be information you already know from experience, although there were a few bits about hatching chickens in an incubator, which I didn t know, as well as how to kill a chicken and pluck it, but then, that is not why I have chickens, so that would make sense And all the eggs that hav

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    Chickens in Your Backyard is all anyone needs to know to raise chickens Chickens in Your Backyard is newly revised and updated It includes how to set up a coop, a run and a home for your new chickens There are chapters on feed, eggs, water, cleaning, disease, breeding and incubation Showing and butchering chickens are also covered The book con

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    Liked the author s humor made it less text booky Good introduction to raising Pukaaak puk puk puk.

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