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Chosen as the Sheikhs Royal Bride Cheesy and romantic read with wonderful characters Omar is a sexy king and Beth a warm, kind and compassionate heroine Adorable epilogue with their twins Another winner by my favorite Harlequin author. This story really grew on me, and moved steadily from two stars to four by the time I finished The weakest chapters are all at the beginning the cheesy reality show premise of the Bride Market, even the heroine says it s cheesy and the cookie cutter scenes of Romance in Paris almost made me give up before the story really got started But what I really loved was how the heroine Beth changed over the course of the book, from a shy nice girl from Texas who works in a thrift shop and never met a piece of cake she didn t like to a glamorous and seductive woman who can win over a whole country with her combination of innocence, down home sweetness, and very grown up sex appeal I loved Omar, the hero, as well At first I thought he was going to be just another wallpaper modern sheikh, but with each new chapter Jennie Lucas skillfully reveals of his troubled past, his anguish over a romantic tragedy that goes way beyond the usual no good Other Woman lying to him or dumping him I loved how the kingdom he comes from is depicted as genuinely backward and cruel and how that has exacted a terrible personal toll in his life And I loved how Omar genuinely tries to do what is right for his kingdom even when it means trying to break free of his uncontrollable passion for Beth It s so unusual to read a romance where the hero and heroine are obviously right It was just like an oldie, light, romantic Turkish movie with incredible MCs with OTT situations and easily guessed villain 4 stars. This was a wonderfully light romantic read by one of my favorite hp authors,some might say even cheesy,but I love cheese The premise was a new one for me,a Bride Market.Out of 20 potential brides,1 would be the chosen Queen The groom to be is a King ,and the heroine is a shopgirl who works in a thrift store.Throw in the magic of romantic Paris for the first part of the story, and a fict Spectacular romance Jennie L comes true for me yet again Loved the queen contest and the kooky,shy heroine is adorable Omar s not my fav JL hero but he pulled through in the end Are u sure its JL who wrote this because I can t believe it It was so cheesy I read it ignoring that it s written by her , 3 stars for the sweet and kind h Beth and the cute epilogue. Chosen As The Sheikhs Royal Bride Ebook Author Jennie Lucas Ls17.eu Swept From Her Ordinary Worldinto The Royal Bedchamber Among The Many Beautiful, Accomplished Candidates Hoping To Be Chosen As Sheikh Omar S Wife, Shop Assistant Beth Can T Believe This Powerful Desert King Would Even Notice Her Yet Omar Does Select Her And His Heated Gaze Sets Her Alight, Making Her Innocent Body Crave Caresses She S Only Dreamed About She S Instantly Thrown Into His World Of Unimagined Luxury, But Can This Shy Cinderella Ever Be A Queen Swept from her ordinary world into the royal bedchamber Among the many beautiful, accomplished candidates hoping to be chosen as Sheikh Omar s wife, shop assistant Beth can t believe this powerful desert king would even notice her Yet Omar does select her and his heated gaze sets her alight, ma A strong but shy heroine who is willing to do anything for her family meets Sheikh Omar when she takes the place of her sister Sheikh Omar comes across as someone who is bound by duty to find a wife a A lighthearted, sweet romance about a king and a shop girl who is posing as her brilliant scientist sister Omar and Beth were the perfect fairytale couple And the devious people around then tried to ruin their HEA But the day was saved and everything turned out perfect.

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About the Author: Jennie Lucas

Jennie Lucas had a tragic beginning for any would be writer a very happy childhood Her parents owned a bookstore, and she grew up surrounded by books, dreaming about faraway lands Her mother read aloud to her in French when she was little when she was ten, her father secretly paid her a dollar for every classic novel Jane Eyre, War and Peace that she read As a chubby teenager, Jennie covere