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Conflicts Over Marine and Coastal Common Resources BOOKS Conflicts Over Marine And Coastal Common Resources Karen Alexander Jackkellyfilm.co.uk Global Marine And Coastal Systems Are Under Increasing Pressure, Leading To Environmental Degradation, Competition And Conflict Over These Common Pool And Often Poorly Regulated Resources Operationalising Holistic Management Strategies Such As Ecosystem Based Management EBM And The Creation Of Marine Protected Areas MPAs Has Been Slow And Problematic As Conflicts Prevent Political Consensus This Book Presents The Reasons That Conflict Can, And Does, Arise In The Marine And Coastal Environment.It Explores The Types Of Conflicts That Occur And The Underlying Perceptions And Needs Of Stakeholders And Actors Involved, Including Those In The Shipping, Fisheries And Aquaculture, Biodiversity Conservation, Energy And Tourism Sectors Further, It Considers Attempts To Resolve Conflicts And The Potential Problems That These So Called Resolution Tools Can Create Case Studies Are Drawn From The Northern And Southern Hemispheres As Well As Developed And Developing Countries, Including Australia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Ireland, UK And USA.

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