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Covert Agent's Virgin Affair Undercover Agent Jake Pierson Figures One Romantic Dinner Will Get Never Been Kissed Librarian Mary Walsh To Tell Him Everything She Knows About Her Late Father S Criminal Activities But The Mary Talks, The Jake Wants To Shut Her Up With Kisses Because He S Falling For His Own Too Trusting Target And There Isn T A Damn Thing He Can Do About It Well, Maybe One ThingWith Her Shiny New Lease On Life, Mary Has Become Wiser About A Lot Of Things For One, She Can Spot A Liar A Mile Away She Knows Her Gorgeous New Boyfriend Is Hiding Something And She Has A Sneaking Suspicion Those Secrets Will Get Them Both Killed Unless He Trusts Her With The Truth

About the Author: Linda Conrad

Bestselling author, Linda Conrad, has written over thirty contemporary novels Her favorite genre is romantic suspense Add in a little paranormal and she s in heaven.Linda s sensual characters and passionate stories have brought her numerous awards She and her husband and their dog KiKi live near the Florida Keys Her favorite things are reading, cooking andumeating I love connecting with readers For exclusive content, contests and news, join my mailing list at Or find me on Facebook LindaConradauthor

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    SRS 1620

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    Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and KritiquesI ve been reading Linda Conrad for several years and I know I can always count on her for a suspenseful read, full of passion and adventure, andthan a little danger The Covert Agent s Virgin Affair delivers all that in spades Don t let the title

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    After a great previous book by Linda Conrad not in this series , this one came as a disappointment for me In general, I don t like filler books in series, when nothing monumental happens, but a few minor details important for the series arc And this book was definitely a filler.I felt no

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    FBI agent Jake Pierson has years of experience working undercover, yet he makes a rookie mistake when he falls for Mary Walsh, the woman he is using to get information from about her father s death Mary Walsh is determined to start fresh New look, new life She wants to believe that she has fou

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    Miniseries The Coltons of Montana

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