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Crouching Tiger entire the whole picture for mindset This was an interesting, if alarmist, book I don t recall how it ended up on my reading list but after finishing it I wasn t the least surprised to learn the author became an advisor in the Trump White House Navarro goes through the known, and speculated, strengths of the Chinese economy, military and government style to make the case of the danger that it poses to US and global interests While always taking the high estimates of everything from the number of nuclear warheads to the potential capabilities of its latest weapons, Navarro seeks to paint a picture of a US falling behind and bickering domestically while the Chinese advantage continues to grow Even if he sometimes has to acknowledge the differing assessments made by other regional experts he always manages to twist them from an acknowledgement of the possibility of conflict to his preferred narrative of an inevitable one Nonetheless, he does manage to do a great job of running down the list of potential flash points that could get out of hand from the obvious, North Korea, to the obscure, a territorial dispute with India frozen since the 1960s It is no surprise the While the world presently is ultra focused on the global threat of ISIS or ISIL as it is sometimes called, the world is missing the possibly brutal threat of China Navarro s thesis concerns China s hegemonic desire to become a superpower through its military, economic, and political policies According to the author, China will probably succeed until American and Euro policies succeed in addressing this formidable threat Readers will find their certainty about America s superiority challenged and perhaps misunderstood.It has been repeatedly stated that unless we learn from history, it will repeat itself, perhaps even exceed its own record One needs then to read and then analyze the theories and facts herein carefully delineated Every chapter begins with a question and possible answer choices It isn t hard to figure out the answers after a while One might respond fearfully unless one thinks about other unknown American policies to contradict the Chinese realities For example, in one chapter we discover that China is seeking to establish military bases throughout Asia, all the way south to Vietnam and Cambodia to counteract the presence of American military bases also throughout Asia Combine that with the chapters about the military armaments that both America and China possess, and one realizes there is a massive power struggle playing out The question becomes what happens when an accident or first response action occurs This book clearly lays out the increasing challenge China makes to the American hegemony in Asia China is building its fighting capacity and is going to be able to take on America in a long drawn war America will this not be able to dictate the terms of engagement pretty soon Navarro really does not like China According to him, China is or less the Evil Empire its government seeks to control the seas surrounding it, build up its defense capacities, bring countries around it under its influence, finance academics in other countries to influence public opinion, pollute the world and grow its economy by destroying jobs in America And it do all these unscrupulously Given that China has already been labeled as the Enemy, of course war would be inevitable The author has already decided that the Chinese government cannot be trusted, and many times it is characterized as worse than the old Soviet Union one who communicated with the Americans and tried not to rock the boat too much We in Singapore are indeed worried about the possibility of war in South East Asia as well However, China s behavior is totally what one would expect in a rising global power By labeling China only as the enemy is china is a military threat and the world needs to work together to prevent them from bullying their neighbours phillipines and vietnam in south china sea , influencing and spreading propaganda confucian schools in america , and manipulating their currency and subsidizing exports Navarro is the White House s main trade advisor on dealing with Chinese influence As such, his penned thoughts is a must read for anyone that has any dealing in capital markets or are living in the region One thing that really stood out to me was how much Navarro knew about the Chinese, it was in contrast to how traditional news outlets painted him backward and assumption based analytics I found these assumptions by those talking heads to be untrue He knows his stuff, and very very well and can stand up to any challenges by a The last two chapters are fascinating, explaining when we face the threat from China, how the US behave to keep east Asia peace China is growing, however, we should always keep in mind what they did to hurt regional peace. A long time ago, someone asked me a question about China that still lingered in my mind What do they want And as I was reading Navarro s Crouching Tiger, I had this simple question in my head but, alas, did not get the answer even as I perused the book s discerning chapters Crouching Tiger was generally sloppy, and I personally believe it could have been engaging One feels like you re reading something composed by the King of Hearts full of important unimportant unimportant important histories, dos and donts and other mile high rules Readers, over, were promised a detective story and ti Will There Be War With China This Book Provides The Most Complete And Accurate Assessment Of The Probability Of Conflict Between The United States And The Rising Asian Superpower Equally Important, It Lays Out An In Depth Analysis Of The Possible Pathways To Peace Written Like A Geopolitical Detective Story, The Narrative Encourages Reader Interaction By Starting Each Chapter With An Intriguing Question That Often Challenges Conventional Wisdom Based On Interviews With Than Thirty Top Experts, The Author Highlights A Number Of Disturbing Facts About China S Recent Military Buildup And The Shifting Balance Of Power In Asia The Chinese Are Deploying Game Changing Carrier Killer Ballistic Missiles Some Of America S Supposed Allies In Europe And Asia Are Selling Highly Lethal Weapons Systems To China In A Perverse Twist On Globalization And, On The U.S Side, Debilitating Cutbacks In The Military Budget Send A Message To The World That America Is Not Serious About Its Pivot To Asia In The Face Of These Threatening Developments, The Book Stresses The Importance Of Maintaining US Military Strength And Preparedness And Strengthening Alliances, While Warning Against A Complacent Optimism That Relies On Economic Engagement, Negotiations, And Nuclear Deterrence To Ensure Peace.Accessible To Readers From All Walks Of Life, This Multidisciplinary Work Blends Geopolitics, Economics, History, International Relations, Military Doctrine, And Political Science To Provide A Better Understanding Of One Of The Most Vexing Problems Facing The World. It s a book is certainly worth reading The author didn t stress this too much but the parallels to the current situation with China and the events leading up to WW1 are alarming to say the least, although this time with nuclear weapon

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A Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine and holds a Ph.D in Economics from Harvard University He received several teaching awards in 2010 for the MBA programs that he teaches.Navarro ran for office in San Diego, California, three times In 1992, he ran for mayor, winning the primary race, but losing to Susan Golding in th

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