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Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right Why Is America Living In An Age Of Profound Economic Inequality Why, Despite The Desperate Need To Address Climate Change, Have Even Modest Environmental Efforts Been Defeated Again And Again Why Have Protections For Employees Been Decimated Why Do Hedge Fund Billionaires Pay A Far Lower Tax Rate Than Middle Class Workers The Conventional Answer Is That A Popular Uprising Against Big Government Led To The Rise Of A Broad Based Conservative Movement But As Jane Mayer Shows In This Powerful, Meticulously Reported History, A Network Of Exceedingly Wealthy People With Extreme Libertarian Views Also Played A Key Role By Bankrolling A Systematic, Step By Step Plan To Fundamentally Alter The American Political System Jane Mayer Spent Five Years Conducting Hundreds Of Interviews Including With Several Sources Within The Network And Scoured Public Records, Private Papers, And Court Proceedings In Reporting This Book In A Taut And Utterly Convincing Narrative, She Traces The Byzantine Trail Of The Billions Of Dollars Spent By The Network And Provides Vivid Portraits Of The Colourful Figures Behind The New American Oligarchy Dark Money Is A Book That Must Be Read By Anyone Who Cares About The Future Of American Democracy. This book shines a light on dark money It s called dark money because it is of unknown origin i.e secret , unlimited in its amount, intended for political purposes, and in the United States it s legal and often tax deductible This book based on thorough research turns the darkness into a bit lighter shade of dark.The conservative shift in American politics, and its continuing movement toward the radical right didn t just happen This book makes it clear that it was paid for by wealthy interests These payments were made via circuitous channels designed to obscure their origin and encourage the impression that the changes were grass root in their origin.This book follows the trajectory of political influence of Charles and David Koch, the wealthy owners of Koch Industries, the second largest privately held company in the United States Over the past thirty years they have helped finance and organize an interlocking network of think tanks, academic programs and news media outlets that far exceeds anything the liberal opposition could manage.By the midterm elections of 2010 the Republicans dominated state legislatures, controlled a clear majority of the governorships, taken one chamber of Congress, and were on their way to winning the other But even significant is that many of these Republicans were not middle of the road pragmatists Uncoincidentally they were antigovernment libertarians of Ko We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can t have both Louis D BrandeisIt has been a consistent element of modern life in the USA that the public polls as progressive than our elected officials Given that in a democracy one would expect representatives to or less reflect the views of the people who make up the population, and not speak in opposition to them, this seems surprising at first blush Yes, we have our extremist elements, but by and large, the political position of the majority of the nation is a bit left of center And yet, there has been a remarkable shift in the nation s political direction At least the political direction of the professional political class, elected officials, lawmakers, government executives, members of the judiciary, political operatives, lobbying organizations, interest groups This pushing of the political gauge, this redefinition of what constitutes the center in American political thought, can only be underst I just want my fair share which is all of itCharles Koch, quoted in Jane Mayer, Dark MoneyI m not sure reading this right after Trump got elected was the right decision As I write this Betsy DeVos sister of Eric Prince, daughter of billionaire Edgar Prince, daughter in law to Amway founder Richard DeVos just got picked to be Trump s Secretary of Education Let it sink in for a minute We just had a billionaire nominate another billionaire for a seat at the political table It is really starting to feel a bit like we are living in a Plutocracy Jane Mayer s brilliantly researched book into the Koch political machine and other closely related political organizations has only exacerbated this feeling.The sad part is how many people I personally know that are somehow connected to this Dark Money web I have friends that have worked for various Koch groups, other friends who have taught leadership courses in Koch funded university courses I have old professors who now do research at the Mercatus Center at George Mason, etc Hell, I have than a dozen friends in common with Sean Noble, the AZ political operator largely created with initially setting up much of the Koch network In some ways, this book almost reads as much a biography of Noble s rise and fall as it does the Koch brother s rise I give the book five stars, but almost want to remove a star because it just makes me mad I m not American, but my reaction to Dark Money is that everyone in the US and elsewhere for that matter who has any interest in politics must read it For reasons related to my busy life and not the quality of the book, I listened to the audio of Dark Money sporadically over several weeks But each time I picked it up I was mesmerized And I suspect that Dark Money has made me a conversational bore because in so many conversations over the past few weeks, I have found a way to relate the conversation back to Dark Money and urged whoever I am speaking with to read it Why In a meticulously detailed and researched book, Jane Mayer recounts the rise in political power of a handful of ultra conservative self interested billionaires in the US over the last 30 years or so Through numerous channels, they have used their money to influence the course of public policy and discourse, legitimizing points of view that had no legitimacy many years ago Using the same publicists as the tobacco companies had used many years ago to obfuscate the true dangers of

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