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Den vita lejoninnan This is the third book of the Wallander series.The plot is around an execution style murder of a Swedish housewife This apparent simple investigation unmasks a murder plot against President De Klerk and the future South african president Nelson Mandela A ex KGB agent together with a mercenary south african will be responsible for such political outrage As usual, Inspector Wallander gives his own personal way in this crime investigation.The book s tittle refers to an albino lioness and its real meaning is given below Page 383 He was thinking about the white lioness A symbol of Africa, he thought The animal at rest, the calm before it gets to its feet and musters all its strength The beast of prey one cannot afford to wound, but which has to be killed if it starts to attack.A movie was made based on this book The White Lioness 1996.And Keneth Branagah played the role of Kurt Wallander in BBC Series The White Lioness 2015. Henning, dude, if you want to write a book about how it sucks to live in racist South Africa, I m all for it But I picked up this book because it was a KURT WALLANDER mystery Wallander the SWEDISH policeman, for christsakesis he really going to foil a plot to assassinate Nelson Mandela I want to read about SWEDISH police doing SWEDISH things like solving murders in SKANE, drinking coffee and eating sandwiches If I wanted to read the Ladies Detective series, I would have joined a book club I m only reviewing this one book, but I ve read the entire detective series by Henning Mankell, and I am a huge fan I first became aware of him after returning from a trip to Sweden in 2004, and then discovered he has a cult following in Europe and is beginning to have one in the U.S He has written all kinds of novels, but I ve focused on his mystery series featuring Swedish police officer Kurt Wallander The Wallander stories are good mysteries in their own right, but what commends the books is Wallander s struggles to live life as a middle aged detective whose personal life is always under strain His wife has left him, his daughter has a spotty relationship with him, he finds another woman in his life but isn t able to commit, he constantly thinks about getting out of the police force It s that human ness, and what I think of as a Swedish pessimism, that makes this series so intoxicating Also, because Mankell the author lives about half of every year in Mozambique, several of his plots also have fascinating explorations of problems in Africa I highly recommend this series. Kurt Wallander and South Africa.One of Sweden s most recognized fiction crime fighters gets caught up in international espionage in this 1993 post cold war thriller that has half of it s action involving the end of Apartheid in South Africa as the reigning Boers free Nelson Mandela and all hell breaks lose.What keeps this moving and what holds it together is author Henning Mankell s excellent writing and to be fair Laurie Thompson s translation and his ability to convey a subtle but unsettling sense of disquietude in the Swedish coast town of Ystad What slows this down is Mankell s overly ambitious design In a medium sized city Ystad is around 30k population an assassination attempt is uncovered following a murder This connection to South Africa is both thrilling and stretched out leading this reader to believe that Mankell uses his Wallander pulpit as a vehicle to talk about South Africa Which is fine, it just spreads thin what would otherwise be a pretty good whodunit.This reminded me of Jo Nesbo s 2000 publication The Redbreast of his Norwegian detective Harry Hole in the international intrigue, but unfortunately also Nesbo s 2002 follow up Nemesis in that both writer s felt the compulsion to throw everything but the kitchen sink in to an already busy mix.This also made me wonder about Ystad The map shows this as extreme southernmost Sweden and of medium size I looked up some comparable United States and Tennessee towns of the same size to give me an idea about the kind of place Mankell describes These are some very modest places Towns like Oak Park Michegan, Lebanon Tennessee and Monterey California What is Mankell s inspiration for such a setting And what about Wallander Hasn t the whole dark and wounded, brooding and philosophical, sloppy outside of a razor mind kitsch been done before Well, sure, but Mankell does it very well in the Scandinavian crime fiction.So, not his best but still very good and worth another visit to sunny Ystad. Book Review The White Lioness, the third in the Kurt Wallander series is perhaps intended as Mankell s most ambitious Wallander novel to date I say intended because on some levels it doesn t succeed as such I m a big fan of Wallander his idiosyncrasies, his anti authority attitude, his loneliness and faltering family relations they all evoke a reader s empathy in just the right amounts but Mankell s ambitions to incorporate in this book a world stage of politics, assassinations, and third person point of views stretching across two continents may have stretched this book beyond the pale of a single mystery novel.This book was published some 20 years since Henning Mankell s first trip to the African continent, a continent he now calls his second home We write what we know and so it is to be expected that some of Mankell s fondness for Africa would show up in a Wallander book he has written stand alones that focus on Africa, novels such as A Treacherous Paradise, The Eye of the Leopard, or his Chronicler of the Winds , but the case can be made that as an author just because you know Africa or love its people, it doesn t mean that one should attempt to incorporate it in a Wallander series that takes place far removed from such passions This can create problems for the author For example Kurt Wallander is relatively ignorant of international politics we know this from reading Dog of Riga To create a book that focuses on the flammable politics of a nation far removed and place it within a Wallander book can stretch a reader s credulity as it did with me To circumvent this problem, Mankell created various third person viewpoints that includes allowing the reader to enter the mind of de Klerk, president of South Africa It didn t work for me Not when reading a Wallander book.This is not to say that the parts taking place in South Africa didn t evoke interest Mankell does a good job of outlining the problem and giving some salient plot elements to drive the point homebut in many ways it was a superficial glossing over and served to divide the book so that it became as if I were reading two novels, instead of one Reminder to self read one of Mankell s stand alones taking place in Africa The metaphor of the White Lioness concretized by an observation of several very minor characters while on safari works only to a certain degree to accent the issue of apartheid Did it really drive home the essence of the novel I didn t think so.On the other hand, I had a few problems with the aspects of this novel that take place in Sweden I know Wallander despises authority, I know he bucks the systembut to start pointing guns at his colleagues, and to wander into a fog like a lunatic without sufficient cause when the solution is to behave rationally to outsmart a villain What is the deep underlying cause for this behavior Lack of sleep I don t think so, Wallander has never slept well.Having said all of the above and the resultant 3 star rating, I still enjoyed the book That after all, is the magic of Henning Mankell To cause us to care about Wallander Series ReviewHenning Mankell is an internationally known Swedish crime writer known mostly for this fictional character Kurt Wallander He is married to Eva Bergman.Henning Mankell AuthorIt might be said that the fall of communism and the consequent increase in Swedish immigration and asylum seekers has been the engine that drives much of Swedish crime fiction Mankell s social conscience, his cool attitude towards nationalism and intolerance is largely a result of the writer s commitment to helping the disadvantaged see his theater work in Africa In this vein, readers might be interested in his stand alone novel Kennedy s Brain a thriller set in Africa and inspired by the AIDS epidemic Mankell often traveled to Africa to help third world populations or read his The Eye of the Leopard, a haunting novel juxtaposing a man s coming of age in Sweden and his life in Zambia Mankell s love of Africa, his theater work on that continent, and his exploits in helping the disadvantaged is not generally known by his American readers In fact, an international news story that has largely gone unnoticed is that while the world watched as Israeli soldiers captured ships attempting to break the Gaza blockade, few people are aware that among the prisoners of the Israelis was one of the world s most successful and acclaimed writers Henning Mankell It is no exaggeration when I say that Henning Mankell is by far one of the most successful writers in Scandinavia, especially in his own country of Sweden The Nordic weather, cold to the bones, drives its populace indoors for much of the year where cuddling up to read the latest in crime fiction is a national pastime.For many GR readers who have been introduced to Kurt Wallander it is interesting to note that ultimately the success of bringing Mankell to English speaking audiences only came after bringing in the same production company responsible for Steig Larsson s Millennium trilogy for the wildly popular BBC version starring Kenneth Branagh Viewers had no problem with an anglicized version of Mankell s work, an English speaking cast set down in a genuine Swedish countryside Of course, to those fans thoroughly familiar with Mankell s work, it is the Swedish televised version that is found to be a accurately portrayal of Mankell s novelsnot the British, sensationalized version And there s a reason for that.Henning s prose is straightforward, organized, written mostly in linear fashion, a straightforward contract with the reader It is largely quantified as police procedural work The work of men who are dogged and patient to a fault Kurt Wallander, the hero in Mankell s novels, is the alter ego of his creator a lonely man, a dogged policeman, a flawed hero, out of shape, suffering from headaches and diabetes, and possessing a scarred soul Understandably so and if some of the GR reviews are an indication like his famous father in law Ingmar Bergman, Mankell is from a country noted for its Nordic gloom But before you make the assumption that this is yet another addition to the somberness and darkness that characterizes Nordic writing Mankell often confounds this cliche with guarded optimism and passages crammed with humanity for Mankell, this is true both personally and professionally as a writer.As Americans we often think of Sweden as possessing an very open attitude towards sex and that this is in marked contrast or perhaps reprieve to the somber attitudes of its populace But this is a view that often confounds Swedish people The idea of Nordic carnality is notably absent in Mankell s work, as much a statement of its erroneous perception Swedes do not see themselves as part of any sexual revolution at all and in the case of Mankell ironic because the film director most responsible for advancing these explicit sexual parameters for his time was his own father in law the great Ingmar Bergman In a world where Bergman moves in a universe where characters are dark, violent, extreme and aggressive take note that the ultimate root of this bloody death and ennui lies in the Norse and Icelandic Viking sagas of Scandinavian history that dark, somber view ascribed to both Mankell and Bergman s work was often a topic of intense jovial interest between these two artists.For any reader of Nordic crime fiction, Henning Mankell is an immensely popular and staple read.Enjoy Here the world of Swedish detective Kurt Wallander crosses that of South African plotters intent on political murder I m not sure if I read this before or after Dogs of Riga I enjoyed this book, liked the characterisation and the settings, despite the than slightly stretched set up It was hard to avoid the feeling that Mankell really was much interested in writing about southern Africa, where he spent part of the year living for a fair chunk of his life, rather than his shabby Detective living in gloomy Scandinavia.I was thoroughly involved right up until the second murder, at which point I lost all emotional investment in the story, but if you are a murder mystery fan, you ll probably enjoy this better than I did Reading teaches me that I m not suited to the murder mystery genre I suppose Come the second murder my suspension of disbelief is over, the illusion is gone and I can t see it as anything other than a constructed and unrealistic novel any The reportage of Homicide was probably the last nail in the coffin for me for this kind of book. I hesitated a long time before reading the third Wallander story That s mainly because I knew that this book would be much different than the first two since it is a lot ambitious It deals with Mandela hence with world politics Uuuughhh is this really what I want to read in a proper noir crime novel Nah I read the papers for that kinda stuff The first two books had many flaws but they were also interesting in a certain way because they mainly focused on the characters and the crime This story is about Mandela and I think that this territory is way too big and grand to properly deal with when it is put into a crime novel I obviously get the point, Mankell had good intentions but when I pick up a crime novel I enjoy reading about the most simple characters in their daily surroundings, it is absolutely enough for an exciting story This book is simply aaaaall ooover the place There is nooooo character development whatsoever There were too many plotlines, too many flat characters, the villains were only bad and nearly completely one dimensional, there were also many plotholes and moments when I wanted to shout Ooooh pleeeeasseeee really now while rolling my eyes as hard as I could I don t want to hate on Mankell because he wanted to do something good and had the right intentions but in my opinion it didn t work out at all If you want to write a proper book about politics or about Mandela then that s fine. I approached The White Lioness tentatively, afraid that I wouldn t like it and that it could very well mark the end of my appreciation for the written Wallander.Faceless Killers was a somewhat uninspired though compelling murder mystery It was straightforward, and exactly what one would expect from the story of a taciturn Swedish cop in quiet Ystad Coupled with the BBC movies, it was than enough to make me want to proceed in the series Dogs of Riga, however, was something else entirely It wasn t bad, but it was thoroughly unexpected It was a political thriller in the guise of a cop mystery, and Kurt Wallander s foray into Latvia felt too forced and uncharacteristic despite the book s early place in the Wallander chronology to rise above Mankell s personal, political agenda It wasn t bad, but it made me wary of what might come next Once I saw the map of South Africa and the disclaimer at the beginning of The White Lioness, I was even frightened Since The White Lioness was first published in 1993, some towns and areas in South Africa have been renamed The names in use then have been retained here Uh oh, I thought, Another Dogs of Riga And to some extent it was, but in a masterful and confident way Mankell does with The White Lioness what he probably should have done with its predecessor He tells two parallel stories one is a tense murder mystery starring Kurt Wallander at his unpredictable best the other is a suspenseful political thriller set in de Klerk s Africa at the tail end of apartheid This time, however, he doesn t try to force Wallander into a foreign trip He doesn t embroil Wallander in a Jason Bourne style international action story Instead, he lets these two stories bleed into each other in their separate countries, showing us how the actions of men and women in Sweden and South Africa simultaneously and unwittingly affect the other.The two stories are constantly and necessarily tied together, but few of the important characters ever meet.It is an impressive balancing act, and it ratchets up the suspense to a level I ve never before experienced in a Wallander book This was the first one I couldn t put down, and I didn t want it to end It s a real shame that The White Lioness is so rooted in its time and place An assassination attempt on Nelson Mandela would not have the same implications today, which means that this story, barring an attempted big screen period piece, will never make it to the screen, at least not with Branagh as Wallander How I would love to see it, though This really is an excellent Wallander tale The Dogs of Riga have been put to rest. This, the third entry in Henning Mankell s series featuring Swedish Inspector Kurt Wallander, appeared in 1993, and is a very ambitious effort in the end, perhaps overly so The story starts simply enough with the murder of a real estate agent who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it quickly spins into a major international conspiracy involving a plot by die hard South African whites to assassinate Nelson Mandela, shortly after he was released from prison.The plotters have recruited a black assassin to murder Mandela, hoping to spark a race war that will enable the whites to continue to control the country They ve recruited a former KGB agent to train the assassin and have concluded for some reason that the training would best be done secretly in Sweden, which is how Wallander s murder investigation becomes mixed up with the conspiracy.The story is told from several different points of view and jumps back and forth from Sweden to South Africa It s quite a long and complicated book with a fairly large cast of characters In many ways it s a very intriguing story, somewhat along the lines of The Day of the Jackal But it drags on a bit too long, and it s hard for Mankell to maintain the suspense throughout the book.I m rating this three stars rather than four because over the course of the story, Kurt Wallander occasionally takes actions that make no sense The maverick cop who follows his own trail and sometimes takes shortcuts while ignoring the orders of his superiors is a staple of crime fiction, and most of us love these characters, at least as long as what they are doing seems logical In these case though, on at least a couple of occasions, Wallander does things that seem totally illogical and which leave the reader, as well as his colleagues, wondering if he might be having some sort of mental breakdown.Still, in all, I enjoyed the story and I m looking forward to the next installment. Met De Moord Op Makelaar Louise Kerblom Komt Kurt Wallander Voor Een Van De Ingewikkeldste Opgaven Uit Zijn Loopbaan Te Staan Op De Plaats Van De Misdaad Wordt Een Vinger Gevonden Die Toebehoort Aan Iemand Met Een Donkere Huidskleur Alles Wijst Op Een Executie En Intussen Beraamt Een Groep Fanatieke Zuid Afrikaanse Boeren Een Aanslag Op Nelson Mandela

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Henning Mankell was an internationally known Swedish crime writer, children s author and playwright He was best known for his literary character Kurt Wallander.Mankell split his time between Sweden and Mozambique He was married to Eva Bergman, Swedish director and daughter of Ingmar Bergman.

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