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Dead Inside (Temporary Bliss #1) EPUB Dead Inside Temporary Bliss 1 Author Alexander Ward Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Pain And Heartbreak Tears And Blood Life S Never Been Easy For Alex Pushed To Become A Male Prostitute And Also Having To Deal With Trauma And Abuse In The Relationship With His Boyfriend, Doesn T Help A 19 Year Old Stay Sane In His Struggle And Desperation To Get Out Of That Toxic Environment, He Soon Finds Himself In The Middle Of Something Much Worse Caught Between Two Powerful Russian Organizations, A Broken Man And His Abusive Lover, Alex Has To Make A Decision And He Must Choose Quickly But When He Starts Spiraling Out Of Control, The Lines Between Life And Death Begin To Blur And His Steps Seem To Take Him Towards What Might Very Well Be His End.Warning The Book Contains Triggers And Approaches Subjects Such As Abuse, Self Harm, PTSD, Human Trafficking, Murder And Suicidal Ideation.

About the Author: Alexander Ward

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dead Inside (Temporary Bliss #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Alexander Ward author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Dead Inside (Temporary Bliss #1)

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    Thanks to Jan for putting this on her to read lost because it showed up in my updates feed I probably wouldn t have seen it otherwise It looked interesting and was KU so I started reading it and couldn t put it down It completely sucked me in Alex tugged at my heartstrings I felt his desperation and sadness and utter exhaustion with his life, and the tiny bursts of hope This kid just could...

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    Interesting.I have to say the underlying story, though a bit flawed, was good My only complaints are that this story is in need of an editor and some of Alex s inner dialogue, seemed a bit too much at times I will definitely continue on with series Please be warned that besides a cliffh...

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    LOVE IT Get ready bc Miss Ward is going to take you for an emotional roller coaster ride I would recommend you to read the BLURB, before reading this book, bc it is not for the faint hearted I had the pleasure of beta read this very touching interesting story Not a love and a flowers kind of book, it s dark all the way through, and it will catch you from the very first page Make it stop I want to make

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    Temporary Bliss Dead Inside is a story of a loss soul, Alex, trapped in the midst of powerful mob bosses using him like a piece of property, until he realizes he is dead inside and how he plans on escaping his fate.This is a tragic but beautiful look from within our MC s point of view as he navigates through his life battling love, loss, friendship and hate, trying to...

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    First and foremost, I want to warn everyone, because not everyone actually listens when they read it DO NOT TAKE THE WARNING LIGHTLY IT IS THERE FOR A REASON So many people will read a warning and ignore it thinking that they can handle it and then complain in the comments about it If an author says, warning, listen to it This book is stocked full of possible triggers.Okay, now that that s out of the way My reviews are solely base

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    4.5 star review by The Blogger GirlsHarsh, cold, cruel, heartless, helpless, and hopeless These are just a few of the adjectives that describe this story We can t forget the violence and complete disregard for humanity either But, in the midst of all that blackness lies a chance A chance that by the end a small piece of Alex will survive and find a token of peace A very small chance.This story takes place in Bucharest, Romania, and include

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    omg omg omg omg omg like im not entirely sure i have words for this review haha. it is. everything. these characters were so horrible and amazing at the same time. i didnt know whether to hate or love them lol what do i even say. alex had my heart from the start. he was so young. so loving and just needed and wanted someone. unfortuantly stefan wasnt that person but thats who and what he knew even through the bad raymond. i will admit i also fell h

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    Dark, intense but so good This is a dark story about a young man, Alex, who was forced to become a rent boy in Bucharest, Romania when he is kicked out of his house for being gay At the Beginning, we learn about his struggles living with Stefan who is his pimp and at times he believes he loves for helping him off the streets when no one wanted him even if he sends him off to sleep with others, and physically and mentally abuses him As the book progresses th

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    I was sitting here reading, coming a bit over half way, and suddenly I was in tears and filled with so much despair and heartache, just as Alex was feeling at that moment The true content of it didn t hit until then The longer the book went on, every time Alex told himself how much of a whore he was and how he was nothing to everyone It sent a punch to my chest.What strikes a cord with me in this book, isn t the physical abuse, but the way he is treated and used Eve

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    Mixed EmotionsI m still confused as to what s going on in this book I wasn t even sure which country it was set in for hours I know it s already a long story but a couple of paragraphs to explain the setting and the footage in either side would have been useful Also, the story read as if written by someo...

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