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Deeper Water (Tides of Truth, #1) PDF Epub Deeper Water Tides Of Truth, 1 By Robert Whitlow Wgf2011.eu The Tides Of Truth Novels Follow One Lawyer S Passionate Pursuit Of Truth In Matters Of Life And The Law.In The Murky Waters Of Savannah S Shoreline, A Young Law Student Is Under Fire As She Tries Her First Case At A Prominent And Established Law Firm A Complex Mix Of Betrayal And Deception Quickly Weaves Its Way Through The Case And Her Life, As She Uncovers Dark And Confusing Secrets About The Man She S Defending And The Senior Partners Of The Firm How Deep Will The Conspiracy Run Will She Have To Abandon Her True Self To Fulfill A Higher Calling And How Far Will She Have To Go To Discover The Truth Behind A Tragic Cold Case

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    When I first discovered the contemporary Christian legal thrillers by Robert Whitlow, I made the inevitable comparisons between his stories and those of John Grisham And as the years have gone along, it s been interesting to watch the path both have taken as writers Neither is

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    I ve read and own several of Robert Whitlow s books and this one had been in my to read basket for several years Shame on me for not reading it sooner Deeper Water was absolutely outstanding.Tammy Lynn is a second year law student, with very deeply held convictions about her Christi

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    I feel a little bad giving this book two stars I managed to finish it, and there were parts I genuinely liked, but overall the book has some glaring issues that make it just okay I know I will not be seeking other books by this author.Going into this, I was expecting a courtroom drama, w

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    While I typically love Whitlow s books, the main character in this one was hard to get to know and to even like Her responses in the professional arena to her bosses and mentors were that which would have gotten her fired She seemed spoiled and immature to me Because...

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    Deeper Water by Robert Whitlow is book one of the Tides of Truth series This is the first Whitlow book I ve read and I came across it as a free kindle download via the Vessel Project.Tammy Lynn Taylor is from a devout Christian family with some rather strict beliefs females wear dresses and skirts

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    Is this the worst book Whitlow has ever written or just his most poorly drawn and ridiculously unbelievable protagonist The book is over half done before the plot even begins to thicken Most of the first half and much of the second is about the boring, endless angst of a ridiculously whiny, self absorb

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    I have never read anything by Robert Whitlow so I was wondering what I would find Then I start it and find out the main character is a young woman in law school who was homeschooled by her mother until high school And she was raised in a very conservative religious environment with a faith that is very real

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    I had a difficult time getting into Deeper Water The protagonist, Tami Taylor, was raised in a very conservative dresses only , Christian, home schooling family As a home schooling mom, I am probably overly sensitive to stereotypes of the home school community In this case the family was presented very positivel

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    Bleh Quite lame I think the author intended to show some sort of maturation of the main character, but it really did not manifest Plus, I just found her the main character s religious fundamentalism to be so hypocritical which is usually true of fundamentalists For instance, she and her family are against lawsuits, f

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    Enjoyed this book, ready for the next one by Whitlow.

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