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Diary of a Drag Queen I m self confessedly not one to enjoy autobiographies or memoirs, so for this year s Reading Challenge, I chose one of my options as a book in a genre that I usually don t pick up Quite fortuitously I was also offered an ARC of Crystal Rasmussen s Diary of a Drag Queen, so I thought I d kill two birds with one stone and choose it as my February challenge book.It s challenging for me to review Diary of a Drag Queen, because I m not sure how much of my dislike stems from its genre, and how much for the book itself Don t get me wrong, Rasmussen is a fantastic writer, and they have some absolutely spot on things to say about being queer and the issues facing LGBTQIA and other minority communities But that for me was the issue There was nothing else The very nature of the memoir is that the diarist gets to pick and choose what they release to the public, and Rasmussen chose their stories carefully to be an almost equal mix of important discussions on these issues and stories told for shock value Diary of a Drag Queen is about Rasmussen s queer identity only, without actually saying too much about Rasmussen as a person I ve never met them, but I d like to think there is to them than anonymous, dirty sex, and intellectual discussions about what it means to b Thanks to Ebury Press and Netgalley for the Advance Review Copy.The title is pretty self explanatory for this one It s the diary of a drag queen, in this case the drag persona of journalist Tom Rasmussen.This book is certainly not for anyone even a remotely bit prudish If you have even one iota of prudery in you then back away slowly It is unapologetically explicit in its accounts of sexual activity, sexual fantasies, drug taking, jokes about incest.you get the picture The author is clearly an accomplished writer, as evidenced also by her writing contributions outwith the scope of this book The book has lots of hilarious anecdotes but also looks unflinchingly at issues relating to discrimination, homophobia and the reclamation of power within the LGBTQIA community My main issue with the book was that after an entertaining start, it all got a bit samey The author was also just a bit too caustic and mean spirited for me to fully engage with t Diary of a Drag Queen is about as far away from my usual reading as you could get, but when I heard about it I knew it was exactly what I needed to have a fantastic laugh if you re easily offended or prudish then let me say very clearly that this is most definitely not for you Described as a unique portrayal of the queer experience, we follow Crystal Rasmussen through a fun filled year in their preferred term life It s all here the good, the bad and the ugly, and there were numerous times I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face I think it s the complete and utter frankness, brutal honesty and no holds barred nature of the book which makes it very easy to admire the way Crystal lives.Well written with a great flow to it, this is a cracking good read Lighthearted and perfect to pass the time before bed I didn t want it to end The writing is raw and powerful and represents a person who is living life exactly as th Wow, where to start Firstly it s as over the top as a queen can be and for that reason there were parts that made me laugh out loud But equally there are other parts that made me feel like I did at a long neck village in Thailand, humans shouldn t have to make a buck by being entertainment to others I felt like i was looking into the very soul of the author, their and I say their as it s gender netural which features I read this book in one sitting It made me laugh out loud, it made me cry and it also made me totally re assess how I move through the world as a cis woman and the countless ways in which I can be a better LGBTQI ally In other words, it I have always wanted to be a drag queen I know it sounds strange and inherently being a drag queen is mainly a male role but dammit drag queens get to have so much fun They are so glamorous and it just seems like an amazing element of performance.This is why I was drawn to the memoir Diary of a Drag Queen by Crystal Rasmussen Rasmussen is so very candid when explaining the life of a drag queen, about his life as a gay man whether this be the difficult relationship with love, random hook ups and how gay men are still victims of hatred.It is hard not to like Diary of a Drag I had seen a few promo pieces for Diary of a Drag Queen by Crystal Rasmussen Ebury , 14.99, but I had thought, nah, it ll be just cheesy and all style over substance And then it was published last month, and I saw a piece by the writer in The Guardian about what they were exploring in the book It was fascinating as much about the struggle as the success and I thought, hmmm, maybe I was wrong And, you know what, I WAS WRONG This book is superb Bloody superb Bloody funny, yes, but brutally honest about what sacrifices are made and the hostility that comes from men threatened by the challenge to toxic masculinity As a result, this book is a terrific mix of cerebral examinations of gender and identity set against the ups and downs of a year in the life as Crystal navigates Ok, so I love drag queens and I have to say I was a bit disappointed by this book It was not what I wanted it to be without huge spoilers it was slightly pretentious and unreal on the other hand I also found it really funny, heart warming and amusingly smutty then at other times it was gross, too much info was literally made as a saying to describe this book it was also slightly repetitive too many scenes describing sex parties, orgies, grindr dates etc also slightly preachy and hypocritical at turns scolding for a use of inappropriate misogynistic language and then in turn full of stereotypes and a lack of female people overall a really interesting and different view of a life but I wanted a bit fabulousness I guess and less detailed explanation of demoralising and unpleasant sexual encounters I was not shocked by it ag all.and actually it became a monotonous and boring point a bit like the will they qont they relation ship wit Life S A Drag Why Not Be A QueenStories Like The One Where You Shagged A 79 Year Old Builder And Knocked Over His Sister S Ashes While Feeding Him A Viagra Or The Time You Crashed Your Car Because You Were Giving A Hand Job In Barely Moving Traffic And Took Your Eye Off The Car In Front That S The Kind Of Dinner Party Ice Breaker I M Talking About Northern, Working Class And Shagging Men Three Times Her Age, Crystal Writes Candidly About Her Search For The One Sleeping With A VIP In An Attempt To Become A World Famous Journalist Getting Hired And Fired By A Well Known Fashion Magazine Being Torn Between Losing Weight And Gorging On KFC And Her Need For Constant Sexual Satisfaction And Where That Takes Her.Charting Her Day To Day Adventures Over The Course Of A Year, We Encounter Tucks, Twists And Sucks, Heinous Overspending And Endless Nights Spent Sprinting From Problem To Problem In A Full Face Of Make Up.This Is A Place Where The Previously Unspeakable Becomes The Commendable A Unique Portrayal Of The Queer Experience. I didn t know whether to love this book or hate it, so Down the middle with three stars for me I guess I m a stereotypical white straight woman who loves the glitz of the drag world, so was expecting about the drag aspects There were parts that had me in stitches with a hand thrown to my mouth gasping with laughter wait for the kfc moment But there were also parts that were quite over the top and some even cringe worthy In a weird way that s a backhanded compliment to the author as it was quite apparent the hustle of collecting shock values stories to relay to friends As someone who truly tries to embrace diversity and aim to accommodate peoples preferences, I got frustrated throughout with the education around making the effort to ensure individuals pronouns were right The author referee to themselves as several different labels at some point and I ended up confused and unfortunately as a result I let some of it wash over me At Times i also ended up thinking as a

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