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Discourse and Digital Practices Discourse And Digital Practices Shows How Tools From Discourse Analysis Can Be Used To Help Us Understand New Communication Practices Associated With Digital Media, From Video Gaming And Social Networking To Apps And Photo Sharing.This Cutting Edge Book Draws Together Fourteen Eminent Scholars In The Field Including James Paul Gee, David Barton, Ilana Snyder, Phil Benson, Victoria Carrington, Guy Merchant, Camilla Vasquez, Neil Selwyn And Rodney Jonesanswers The Central Question How Does Discourse Analysis Enable Us To Understand Digital Practices Addresses A Different Type Of Digital Media In Each Chapterdemonstrates How Digital Practices And The Associated New Technologies Challenge Discourse Analysts To Adapt Traditional Analytic Tools And Formulate New Theories And Methodologiesexamines Digital Practices From A Wide Variety Of Approaches Including Textual Analysis, Conversation Analysis, Interactional Sociolinguistics, Multimodal Discourse Analysis, Object Ethnography, Geosemiotics, And Critical Discourse AnalysisDiscourse And Digital Practices Will Be Of Interest To Advanced Students Studying Courses On Digital Literacies Or Language And Digital Practices.

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    Digital technologies afford miscellaneous ways for people to engage in new discourse activities and practices, ones which they have not engaged in before and which have not been possible before Barton and Lee 2013 In this light, a volume that addresses discourse and digital

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