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DRAG.N I didn t actually read this book I listened to it on Audible during my commute to and from work I got in my car this morning, reached for my phone to plug in the audio cable, when I thought, Oh, darn I finished this book yesterday. DRAG.N went too quickly Its pace is perfect and the plot is well planned, which surprised me when I learned afterward that it was written in two days for a contest I am simultaneously blown away and terrified of the mass airborne vaccinations the author schemed up because I fin DRAG.N Your Attention Will Bind But Within These Pages, No Dragons You Ll Find The DRAG.N Units Were Invented To Support The Marriage Of The Universal Health Initiative UHI And Green Nation Their Purpose Mass Airborne Vaccinations To Ensure Health For All U.S Citizens The Illogically Expensive Vaccines Serve Another Purpose Though Laced With Behavioral Agents, The REP Vaccine Has Created A Docile, Drugged, And Receptive American Populace The Anti UHI Activists Are Determined To Takedown The DRAG.N And The Corrupt Healthcare System Their Planning Has Been Meticulous, Spanning Nearly A Year Benton And Rachel Greer Take The First Steps Towards Raising The Proverbial Sword And Slaying The DRAG.Ns Will They Succeed DRAG.N Takes An Imaginative Look At The Future Of An America Where Human Fundamental Rights And Freedoms Are Options Rather Than Guarantees This Novelette Chronicles Three Days In The Lives Of Researchers, Activists, A Deceptive Presidential Cabinet, And A First Lady With Secrets Of Her Own DRAG.N Is A Brief Dystopian Novelette, Political Semi Satire Birthed During A Whirlwind Weekend Competition, DRAG.N Tells A Year Long Story With A Satisfying Conclusion In The Span Of A Few Days The Two Central Themes Truth Will Out And America Should Mean Freedom Without Exception. First off let me just say that this was not anything what I expected it to be Which was great The synopsis gives nothing away and neither will I Just to say that once again, Eli has written a well planned out, char Hi all I had a comment on that provided constructive feedback about the drug usage in DRAG.N Written for a fly by weekend novelette novella contest, research time was precious however, I can definitely see the reviewer s point Below is my reply and response within DRAG.N Hi Eli here I can definitely see where you are coming from I wrote DRAG.N in two days for a contest and research time was precious I have chosen not to remove the mentions of mescaline and fluoxetine to keep the spirit of the original contest entry, however, I have qualified the drug cocktail as follows Charles felt like the accused walking towards final judgment.He d been on the board of the UHI from the get go, approving the protocols, building locations, DRAG.N schematics He d supported everything up until he d received the biological breakdown of the approved inoculations.It was one thing to vaccinate the populace against influenza, typhoid, hepatitis he could agree with that But secreting behavioral drugs into the mix, that was immoral An iota just an iota, no of chemically reimagined mescaline, a naturally occurring alkaloid from the peyote cactus known for causing hallucinations, was tempered with a new formulation of fluoxetine, an anti anxiety medicine The behavior I fell in love with DRAG.N from page 1 It was so riveting I laid all my other reads aside as I knew I wanted to finish this one first, before getting back to the other reads It s the first book by Eli Constant that I ve read, but definitely not the last DRAG.N combines very powerful writing not many bestselling books have with excellent characterization and a fantastical plot that is actually very realistic to me This novelette tells of a group of activists determined to take down technologies that drug the American nation and keep it brainwashed and healthy Even though it was a novelette, each character was fleshed out so well it seemed I knew them in real life It doesn t happen to me often even after reading a full length novel I really enjoyed reading about Gracie Phillips, the creator of DRAG.N Here s a short excerpt that, in my opinion, presents really well done characterization The voice on the other end of the phone beca Drag.N is a fantastic read, part government conspiracy part resistance thriller Constant s voice is dark and humourous in all the right places, bringing this novella to an interesting climaxin every sense of the word.B It takes a lot for me to pick up a book which is crazy knowing that I m married to an author To understand that this author had a very limited time to write this Novelette for a competition and still get this level of detail Bravo Eli..Bravo Any chance on expanding this into a Novel sequel Who really trusts the Government anyway Conspiracy theory is alive and well with this story, as you will wonder yourself if Ms Constant has discovered future plans and derailed them This is so wonderfully written w Beautifully written thriller about a public health conspiracy Amazing that this was written so quickly The characters are very well developed and the plot is seamless Though this is not my normal genre, Constant pulled me in and kept me interested until the very end Fantastic Brilliant story brilliant writing Loved it and so wanted it to be a novel rather than novelette Can t wait to read what Eli C writes next

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