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East and West Patten S East And West Is A Must For Anyone Who Wants To Understand The Forces That Will Shape The World Of The 21st Century New York Times

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    When my wife, Pam, and I first moved,or less permanently to Hong Kong, Chris Patten was the newly appointed and last Governor I think we both missed much of the drama that was evident in the five years he was here We were too focused on our jobs and figuring out how to live in this incredible city R

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    I did a quick reread, now 20 years on, and although this is really an excellent book, I feel very far away from East West politics The Last Governor writes thoughtfully, respectfully, and honestly, with humility based on personal experience This is an important read for anyone involved in Inter...

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    While it s easy to pick faults with a book written fifteen years ago, much of what Patten writes regarding the West, Asia China and world politics is as resounding as it was the day the ink touched the page.His experiences dealing with China up to and during the handover are exceptionally interesting with the Chinese b

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    A particularly fascinating read, especially when considering the current student protests happening in Hong Kong Patten provides a unique insight into the pre handover period and the uphill struggle of negotiating with Peking Over the course of 150 years of British rule, it wasn t until 1984 that the idea of electing a Chief Exe

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    Intelligent, erudite and brimful of fascinating insights, Chris Patten s part memoir, part political treatise East and West offers a very worthwhile exploration of Hong Kongnese and global geopolitics at the turn of the century Although I would place myself somewhat at the opposite end of the political spectrum to the conservative althoug

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    Ten years after the Hong Kong Handover I decided to read Chris Patten s East and West, written after he left Hong Kong in 1997 Interesting, but difficult to say whether it was good or not as it s so dated It felt like he was going on and on about things that were obvious, like why capitalism is superior to socialism But this was pre Blairism and I

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    Being the last govenor of Hong Kong Chis Patten is in the perfect position to analyse the way in which the Chinese govenrment functions and the way the rest of the international community kowtow s to them even while grumbling about their human rights practices What makes this bookremarkable is that China tried to prevent it from being published by putting pr

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    The first part of this book is pretty good because Chris Patten got into a lot of details on what happened between 1984 and 1997 In short, the British took Hong Kong because of Chinese trade and they gave up on Hong Kong also because of Chinese trade The British believed they only managed to keep Hong Kong at the Communists mercy They were quite pessimistic in general

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    Thought, at one stage, that Chris Patten may have become a leader of the Tory Party Also thought he was a reasonable sort of bloke But it turns out that he was pretty much like most Tories a stuck up tosser that only cares for those with money or those making it.

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    Interesting perspective on Hong Kong during the handover period when Chris Patten Last Governor was at the helm.He was not the most loved fella by the Chinese at the time, but this account is worth a read.

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