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Elements of Chance Serenity HarrisSection 4 englishMs ValentionBarbara wilkins the author of many great books wrote one book that i seem to have fallen in love with and it s called Elements Of chance and its basically about a rich couple and one day the husband was going on a buisness trip and his wife heard on the news about a plan that had crashed and she was worried it was her husband and i actually was.I really love how this book was written is was written in a way in which anyone could understand it uses alot of imagery and many forms of interesting figurative language One thing i absolutely love about the book is the imagery used for example The rolls was ten year old custom made maroon limousine that victor liked because it gave him room to stretch his long legs I like the different type of the imagery used because it gives me a chance to actually picture what they were seeing I would reccomend this book to anyone because this book is a very interesting book and once you start reading it, it s like you cant even put the book down.This book makes you wonder about a whole lot of things once you start reading it Anyone who likes readi Can I give this less than one star I have never rated a book so low, but I sure don t remember why Read 11 98 You Are Valerie Penn, Married To The Richest Man In The World Your Life Is A Whirl Of Private Jets, Charity Balls, Priceless Antiques, Mansions In London, New York, Paris, Beverly Hills You Are Loved Passionately, Showered With Giftsand Then It All Suddenly Ends Victor Penn Vanishes In A Ball Of Fire When His Corporate Jet Crashes In Mexico.And You, Valerie, Have Nothing..nothing But The Mystery Of Your Own Past, The Mystery Of Who You Really Are And Who Your Real Parents Were Now Is The Time To Fill Int He Gaps, To Solve The Riddle Of Yourselfto Find Your Life.But What You Find Instead Is An Abyss Of Betrayal And Murder That Threatens To Consume You There Is A Secret Out There, A Devastating Secret That Even The Penn Family Is Desperate To Keep Hidden.And You Will Do Anything To Reveal It.

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