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Elicitation (The Training of Eileen, #1) KINDLE Elicitation The Training Of Eileen, 1 By William Vitelli Thegreatwallonline.us Eileen Was Happy To Begin A New Life With Her New Husband Visions Of Fairy Tales And Happily Ever After Filled Her Head As The Wife Of A Wealthy And Handsome Architect, She Thought She Would Have Everything She Ever Wanted.And She Did, Though Not Quite In The Way That She Might Have Imagined.Her Husband Anthony, Seeing Beneath Her Repressed Exterior Someone Who Wanted Nothing So Much As To Be Kidnapped And Carried Away By Pirates, Set Out To Train Her As His New Sex Slavewhether She Wanted It Or Not What Followed Was An Intensive Introduction Into A New World She Could Scarcely Have Imagined.

About the Author: William Vitelli

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Elicitation (The Training of Eileen, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted William Vitelli author readers around the world.

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    Definitely the book for those who have non con rape fantasies Exceptionally well written it s absolutely engrossing and arousing I m almost finished with book 2 and I can say there are a lot of different kinks covered in this and it is very creative This first novel does not have impact p

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    5 I m shallow starsThis is TPE at its finest You won t find depth of character or world building in this book What you will find is page after page of some of the most erotic humiliation and slave training I ve ever read Sizzling hot and ridiculous in its abundance, the sex scenes and dominance w

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    First thing to remember don t read this thinking it is a Romance because it isn t So Eileen is about to get married to Anthony, this shady rich guy who she has known for all of 7 weeks In a conversation later on, he tells her that he planned their honeymoon for months but I wasn t sure if that meant befo

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    I want to thank friend Layla, for introducing me to William Vitelli, I have devoured his books and they really hit my kink buttons.This is the first of two linked novels that tells the story of Anthony and his wife to be Eileen Eileen through her upbringing is sexually repressed, but in talking with her fianc ha

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    This book has left me breathless and with the feeling of what the hell have I just read This book stirs up so much emotion, love and hate all rolled into one Words are just not enough This is a story of a new wife Eileen who s new husband has married her with every intention of turning her into his own personal sex slav

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    Are you looking for a warm fuzzy romance to read where a knight in shining armor sweeps a beautiful girl off her feet and they ride happily ever after into the sunset Yes Then you might want to skip this one This book should get a kink award for creativity, delicious humiliation, and erotic sex I am new to the term spank bank m

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    I read the free online version of this before it was published, and it s suprising how mild it is for a story about a guy training his wife to be a sexual submissive not actually a sex slave A lot of detail ab...

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    I doubt I d have found this one so thanks massively to Nikki Navareus for treating me to it It was most definitely on the edge of my reading tastesand I couldn t read this sort of book every day because, wow it was hardcore.Nikki, your tastes are wild

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    I never use gifs, but.When you can tell an erotica novel was written by a man bc of all the misogynistic, rapey content Complete and utter trash in the vein of Break Her A disgrace to the genre.If you re in the mood for stomach turning evidence bolding my own 1 SEXUAL ASSAULT BY DOCTOR, PART I She held her breath, eyes still closed tightly His the doc

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    Hmmmm WOW Lots of new toys in this one lolThe training was certainly different I think everything that happened in the book I haven t come across before, and I certainly liked it I ll be reading the second book, like ...

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