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Ellis Island and Other Stories Winner Of The Prix De Rome And The National Jewish Book Award, These Ten Stories And The Title Novella, Ellis Island, Exhibit Tremendous Range And Versatility Of Style And Technique, Yet Are Closely Unified In Their Beauty And In Their Concern With Enduring And Universal Questions

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    Until I bought a used copy of Ellis Island and Other Stories from our local bookstore, I hadn t known of Mark Helprin But I was rewarded for my 4 purchase with a collection of 11 short stories that boasts a wide range of geography, time, and mood The stories range from Israel to the U.S to Europe, from the tu

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    I was looking forward to this collection and finally reading Mr Helprin It started out very good, but with each passing story, i got very tired of his style I found it stilted, cold and drowning in the weight of simile After pages and pages of forced comparisons i wanted to shout DONT TELL ME WHAT ITS LIKETELL ME WHAT

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    Helprin is my favorite living author I ve written glowingly of his work numerous times and the only thing keeping me from doing so again is I can t think of enough superlatives His stories are masterpieces of subtlety and understated emotion My favorite story in this compilation is A Vermont Tale, the ending of which will haunt

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    This collection includes two memorable stories The Schreuderspitze and A Vermont Tale ,a few good ones and a number that are at least to this reader totally obscure Mark Helprin is clearly a most gifted and versatile writer, but Hem...

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    Interesting group of stories.

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    I usually appreciate short stories as a light commitment way to try an unfamiliar author Here I took into account that this was written early in his career I also noted the comparisons with earlier, mature authors of this genre Poe, Kafka, Mann and perhaps the most highly praised writer of his generation back jacket blurb by the publisher published this at a

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    Home for the weekend, I pulled this collection of Mark Helprin s short stories off my brother s bookshelf to peruse it Already a devoted fan of Helprin s novels, I had found this one in the library several years ago and eagerly read through it I remember being quite impressed, and leafing through the stories again, stopping to read certain passages or whole selections

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    It s hard to see even the genuine achievement of the overpraised Helprin does deserve praise for his ambition if not always his accomplishment He s too often straining for effect, often even spoiling the effect he s after in his anxiousness to demonstrate to the reader his complex understanding of the scene he s created Quite ofen his exposition is ungainly and brings the whole

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    Mark Helprin is one of my favorite writers, and this collection doesn t disappoint It s not his strongest The Pacific has his best short stories, in my opinion , but the writing is still beautiful His stories all have a dream like quality to them the settings don t feel entirely of this earth, as though there s something almost supernatural happening just out of your line of sight His ch

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    I am only up to White Gardens and I have loved each story, the first The Schreuderspitze seems to be a precursor to A Winter s Tale with its soaring descriptions of mountain heights topped in search of the heavens along with the character s loss of time and space I felt my eyes fill with tears when his wife speaks to him on the train so matter of factly A Vermont Tale was like a dreamy sort of sto

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