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Emancipation Proclamation Reading Emancipation Proclamation Author Kharizzmatik Undercostruction.eu The Tale Of A Principe Della Mafia And His Bella Ragazza, Two Soulsconnected In A World Full Of Chaos Quella Destinata Per Te, Nessuno Laprender True Love Waits Sempre.Republished As Sempre Under The Name J.M Darhower.

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    Emancipation Proclamation is now a published book called Sempre the names changed but I ll write the review with Bella Edward Oh, I can t even begin to tell you how perfect EP is Bella s a slave since she was born She s the slave of Mafiosi The mafia will be really important during the story, but not as much as the perfection and beauty of Edward and Bella s love Edward is a broken boy since her moth

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    This fanfic changed me One of the best books I ve ever read Words can t even explain my love to EP Read it, love it, remember it I read and finished EP last year in July

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    I read this fan fiction years ago when it was a work in progress It is absolutely one the best, well written, stories I have ever read Fan fic or not, it was sooooo good I support this author as she turned the fan fic into a published book where she obviously had to change name and such but I didn t quite enjoy the books as much as the fic I understand the fan fic version was super long, so she cut a lot of

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    absolutely amazing honestly, the moment i started reading i couldn t stop till 3 days later the moment i woke up till late at night when i finally dragged myself to sleep, i was reading it and even in my dreams, i was dreaming about it such an amazing and really heartwarming book it s really opened my mind to not only the story itself but the whole theme behind it, and made me muchaware that there were such thin

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    This was by far the most amazing fanfiction from twilight that I have ever read Each single chapter all 80 of them was amazing and I loved every minute of it I will probably end up reading it again If your looking for a good fanficition that keeps you on the edge of you...

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    My heart will never be the same after reading this story Just, wow The perfect mix of gut wrenching, heart shattering angst, with a really beautiful HEA ending The first story I ve ever really properly cried at, and I don t think anything will compare...

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    Without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read Much better than the later published version Sempre The story was unputdownable and although the ending was a little disappointing, I thought it was very well written and I really felt for both main characters.

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    The best of the best I couldn t put this down when I read it for the first time I fell so hard for these characters and felt like I was living the story along with them Nothing I have read since has come close to touching me as much as this one story has.

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    Amazing I didn t want it to end One of the best books I ve ever read I tried to read the published version, Sempre, but too much had been cut out from the original, and it was too censored.

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    Finally fucking done reading Was good but damn too many POV Got whiplash from reading it Storyline was interesting but ending was too predictable

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Kharizzmatik is the fanfiction penname of J.M Darhower