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En llamas (Millenium) In The Autumn Of 2003, A Flare Shot By A Hunter Sets Off One Of The Worst Forest Fires In The History Of California This Novel Introduces Two Characters Who Never Would Have Met Were It Not For The Profound Effect Of The Fire On Each Of Their Lives. A beautiful story When I started this book, I expected to find a romantic tale, but it wasn t that what I found Even when romance was not completetly absent from the story, it is not possible to label a Joan Brady s book in just one category This book has romance and other profound human feelings, but it is also a message of hope in the afterlife and faith, something to makes us remember we are not alone, God is with us even in those desperate moments when our life are in jeopardy.I don t know if I just interpreted the book the way I did because I m Catholic, but one of the most interesting character of this story was no other than Jesus, a compassionate God, who likes to being called a friend.This is the second book I read from this author and again she didn t disappoint me at all. Libro que se lee r pido, me lo le en un d a Bonita reflexi n Es bueno para desestresar la mente. A nice touching book with an encouraging message about loss, love, fight and will.

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