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Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library This Edition Has A New CoverKyle Keeley Is The Class Clown, Popular With Most Kids, If Not The Teachers , And An Ardent Fan Of All Games Board Games, Word Games, And Particularly Video Games His Hero, Luigi Lemoncello, The Most Notorious And Creative Gamemaker In The World, Just So Happens To Be The Genius Behind The Building Of The New Town Library.Lucky Kyle Wins A Coveted Spot To Be One Of The First 12 Kids In The Library For An Overnight Of Fun, Food, And Lots And Lots Of Games But When Morning Comes, The Doors Remain Locked Kyle And The Other Winners Must Solve Every Clue And Every Secret Puzzle To Find The Hidden Escape Route And The Stakes Are Very High.In This Cross Between Charlie And The Chocolate Factory And A Night In The Museum, Agatha Award Winner Chris Grabenstein Uses Rib Tickling Humor To Create The Perfect Tale For His Quirky Characters Old Fans And New Readers Will Become Enthralled With The Crafty Twists And Turns Of This Ultimate Library Experience.

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    this is the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for book and puzzle nerds or, as one character says, It ll be like The Hunger Games but with lots of food and no bows or arrows it takes place in alexandriaville, ohio not a real place, but a real cutesy reference, one of many peppering this book , whose town library was demolished 12 years ago a wealthy eccentric gentleman who made his fortune creating a se

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    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU EVERYONE WHO LIKED THIS I FEEL LIKE DONALD SUTHERLAND IN INVASION OF TEH BODY SNATCHERS YOU ARE ALL PODS It gets one star because it has the word LIBRARY in the title I like libraries.But Chris Grabenstein does not At least, he doesn t like libraries qua libraries His version of an ideal library is like being floo powdered into World of Warcraft then spiked with Disneyland and dosed with Rit

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    If you like your reads to be partially interactive, this one s for you The interaction is done on the reader s part, so you can decide not to take part of the game and still enjoy the book, but by playing along with the characters, you become even invested I honestly did not care to play the game along with the characters, because it slowed the pace at which I was reading, but in hindsight, I think I should have, bec

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    This was a super fun read I loved trying to solve all the puzzles and clues along with the characters, but aside from that I had a few problems with it Of course, this book is written for 8 12 year olds, and the writing definitely reflected that Because the plot was so fun, it was easy to ignore the inconsistencies in the characters, and their one dimensional natures, but now that I m finished I can see those issues clear

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    Lately I have been on an easy reading kick I think I get this way every late winter That being said, my kids had this book from the library for a reread and told me it is a great book and I should read it I give this 4.5 stars because it is a great kids book, but to paraphrase my daughter, nothing is as good as Harry Potter Escape from Mr Lemoncello s Library is a fun book for middle grade kids The town of Alexandriaville, Oh

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    This is a messy, loud book crammed full of one note characters, dizzying book references, and an illogical plot There is no nuance, no suspense, and no character growth This is the story of a puzzle, not the story of the people solving it much to the book s detriment The Westing Game would be a better choice in fact, it s entirely possible that book was name dropped in this one There were so many awkward book ref...

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    This gets 5 stars because I couldn t put it down and wanted to cancel plans with friends just to finish it Escape From Mr Lemoncello s Library is the modern day Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, just without creepy oompa loompa s and it takes place in an awesome library Twelve kids are selected to stay overnight in a library, but little do they know they are being entered into a game to see who can find a way out Winner gets prizes

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    Whenever I see a book about a library, I tend to order it for the collection at my library This was one of the best things to come from this whim Perfect for both the reluctant reader and avid bibliophile, Escape From Mr Lemoncello s Library had me hooked even as an adult.Twelve 12 year olds are selected for an overnight experience at their new public library Little do they know, this is actually a set up for the time of their liv

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    You know, I think Grabenstein missed an opportunity to have a great book instead of just a good one The puzzles and mysteries were fantastically well placed and a lot of fun to try to solve alongside Kyle and his friends, and I liked the positive teamwork message the book had to send As a librarian, I absolutely adored the positive library portrayal, the fact that it was a place that was fun and exciting and the clever way the Dewey Decimal

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    What a wonderful, imaginative, and creative story This book totally reminded me why I still love to read children s books After several years without a city library, a new wonderous library has been built by an ecentric, quirky billionaireMr Lemoncello Kyle and his school friends are familiar with Mr Lemoncello as his company has made many of their favorite boardgames, including Mr Lemoncello s Indoor Outdoor Scavenger Hunt At school, they write

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CHRIS GRABENSTEIN is a 1 New York Times bestselling His books include the LEMONCELLO LIBRARY series, the WONDERLAND series, and many fun and funny page turners co authored with James Patterson You can visit Chris at ChrisGrabenstein.com.